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Davenant, John (1572-1641)  en
Animadversions ... upon a treatise [by Samuel Hoard] intituled, Gods love to Mankinde (Iohn Partridge, 1641)
Animadversions upon a treatise intitled "Gods love to mankind" (Cambridge : Roger Daniel, 1641)
Animadversions written by the Right Reverend Father in God John, Lord Bishop of Sarisbury, upon a Treatise intitled Gods Love to Mankind [by Samuel Hoard]. (Cambridge : Roger Daniel, 1641)
Animadversions written by the right reverend father in God, Iohn, Lord Bishop of Sarisbury, upon a treatise intituled Gods love to mankind (London : I. Partridge, 1641)
Baptismal Regeneration and the Final Perseverance of the Saints. A letter ... to Dr Samuel Ward ... Translated from the Latin by the Rev. J. Allport (William Macintosh, 1864)
An exposition of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians, 4th ed. (London : Hamilton, Adams and co.)
Vol. 1 (1831)
Vol. 2 (1832) GB 
A treatise on justification, : or The disputatio de justitia habituali et actuali... Published first in the year 1631, and now translated from the original latin, together with translations of the "Determinationes" of the same prelate, trans. Josiah Allport (London : Hamilton Adams and Co.)
Vol. 1 (1844)
Vol. 2 (1846) BSB 
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