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Selden, John (1584-1654)  en
The dissertation of John Selden: annexed to Fleta
trans. Robert Kelham (J. Worrall and B. Tovey, 1771)GB 
trans. Robert Kelham (Sold by J. Worrall and B. Tovey, 1771)GB 
John Selden and his Table-talk
New York : Eaton & Mains, 1899GB 
De laudibus legum Angliae : hereto are added the two Sums of Sir Ralph de Hengham ... commonly call'd Hengham Magna, et Hengham Parva with Notes both on Fortescue and Hengham by that Famous and Learned Antiquarie John Selden Esq. (London : Streater, 1672)
Of the dominion, or, Ownership of the sea : two books / by John Selden,... ; transl. into English... by Marchamont Nedham, trans. Marchamont Needham (London : W. Du-Gard, 1652)
Of the judicature in Parliaments: a posthumous treatise ... ([n.d.])
Selden's table talk (1821)
Seldeniana, or, The table-talk of John Selden, Esq;: Being his sense of various matters of weight and consequence; relating especially to religion and state.., ed. Richard Milward (W. Otridge and Son; R. Faulder; J. Cuthell; R. Lea; Ogilvy and Son; J. Nunn; J. Walker; E. Jeffrey; Lackington, Allen, and Co.; and Vernor and Hood., 1798)
Seldeniana: with a biographical preface (J. Sharpe, 1821)
Table talk (London : Cassell, 1887)
The table talk of John Selden
Chiswick : Press of C. Whittingham, 1818IA 
Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1892IA 
ed. Samuel Harvey Reynolds (Clarendon Press, 1892)GB 
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