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Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626)
An apologie for Sundrie proceedings by jurisdiction ecclesiastical (Barker, 1593)
Apospasmatia Sacra, Or A Collection of Posthumous and Orphan Lectures: Delivered at St. Pauls and St. Giles His Church (London : R. Hodgkinsonne, for H. Moseley, 1657)
The form of consecration of a church or chappel, and of the place of Christian burial (1675)
The Morall Law Expounded, 1. Largely, 2. Learnedly, 3. Orthodoxly (London : Michael Sparke, et al, 1642)
Ninety-Six Sermons, ed. J. Bliss and J.P. Wilson [Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology] (Oxford : J. H. Parker)
Vol. 1 (1841)
Vol. 2 (1841) GB 
Vol. 3 (1843) GB 
Vol. 4 (1843) GB 
Vol. 5 (1843) GB 
Of episcopacy : three epistles of Peter Moulin, Doctor and professor of divinity : answered by the Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews, Late Lord Bishop of Winchester (London, 1648)
A pattern of catechistical doctrine, and other minor works, ed. J. Bliss and J.P. Wilson [Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology, vol. 2] (Oxford : J. H. Parker, 1846)
A sermon preached before the Kings Maiesti, at Hampton Court
Londini, 1608BSB 
Two answers to Cardinal Perron, and other miscellaneous works, ed. J. Bliss and J.P. Wilson [Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology] (Oxford : J. H. Parker, 1854)
XCVI. sermons by the Right Honorable and Reverend Father in God, Lancelot Andrevves, late Lord Bishop of Winchester. Published by His Majesties speciall command (London : George Miller, for Richard Badger, 1629)
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