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Ursinus, Zacharias (1534-1583)  en de
Ad clarissimum virum ... Quirinum Schlaher, senatorem Schemnicensem ... eidyllion. -Witebergae 1552 (1552)
A Catechism of the Christian Religion: Being a Translation of Catechismus Heidelbergensis (Oxford : J. Vincent, 1828)
A collection of certaine learned discourses, written by that famous man of memory Zachary Ursine; doctor and professor of divinitie in the noble and flourishing schools of Neustad. For explication of divers difficult points, laide downe by that author in his catechisme. Lately put in print in Latin by the last labour of D. David Parry: and now newlie translated into English, by I.H. for the benefit and behoofe of our Christian country-man (At Oxford : Ioseph Barnes, and are to be solde [by J. Broome, London] in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Bible, 1600)
The commentary of Dr. Zacharias Ursinus on the Heidelberg catechism
Cincinnati : T.P. Bucher, 1851IA 
Columbus : Scott, 1852IA 
The commentary of Zacharias Ursinus on the Heidelberg catechism (Cincinnati : Elm Street Print. Co, 1888)
The heidelberg catechism : containing the principles of the Christian religion, for which the Protestants in the palatinate have been long persecuted by the Jesuits. Being a Summary of the same Orthodox Principles, which are taught by the Church of England, and by the Calvinists in the Churches and Schools of Prussia, Poland, Hungary, Transylvania, Holland, Swisserland, &c. With an Humble Dedication to the King of Great Britain, ed. Thomas Corbett (London : Corbett, 1720)
The Summe of Christian Religion, trans. Henry Parry, David Pareus (ImH.L. and are to be sold by Arthur Iohnson, at the signe of the white horse, neere the great north doore of Paules Church, 1617)
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