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John Bramhall (1594-1663)
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An Answer to a letter of enquiry into The grounds and occasions of the contempt of the clergy (London : N. Ranew and J. Robinson, 1671)
An answer to two letters of T.B. by the author of The vindication of the clergy. (London : H. Brome ..., 1673)
Verdussen, 1652GB 
Antverpia : Verdussen, 1652BSB 
Bishop Bramhall's vindication of himself and the episcopal clergy, from the Presbyterian charge of popery, as it is managed by Mr. Baxter in his treatise of the Grotian religion together with a preface shewing what grounds there are of fears and jealousies of popery. (London : A.C. for James Collins ..., 1672)
The consecration and succession, of Protestant bishops justified, the Bishop of Duresme vindicated, and that infamous fable of the ordination at the Nagges head clearly confuted by John Bramhall ... (Gravenhagh : John Ramzey, 1658)
A fair warning for England to take heed of the Presbyterian government of Scotland as being of all others the most injurious to the civil magistrates, most oppressive to the subject, most pernicious to both : as also the sinfulnesse and wickednesse of the covenant to introduce that government upon the Church of England (London?, 1661)
A just vindication of the Church of England, from the unjust aspersion of criminal schisme wherein the nature of criminal schisme, the divers sorts of schismaticks, the liberties and priviledges of national churches, the rights of sovereign magistrates, the tyranny, extortion and schisme of the Roman Communion of old, and at this very day, are manifested to the view of the world (London : John Crook ..., 1654)
The Rawdon Papers : consisting of Letters on various Subjects, literary, Political and Ecclesiastical (London : Nichols, 1812)
The Rawdon Papers: consisting of Letters on various Subjects, literary, Political and Ecclesiastical (Nichols, 1812)
A replication to the Bishop of Chalcedon his Survey of the Vindication of the Church of England from criminous schism clearing the English laws from the aspertion of cruelty : with an appendix in answer to the exceptions of S.W. (London : R.H. for John Crook ..., 1656)
The right way to safety after ship-wrack in a sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons, in St. Patrick's Church, Dublin : at their solemn receiving of the blessed sacrament (Dublin : John Crook, 1661)
Schisme garded and beaten back upon the right owners shewing that our great controversy about Papall power is not a quaestion of faith but of interest and profit, not with the Church of Rome, but with the Court of Rome : wherein the true controversy doth consist, who were the first innovators, when and where these Papall innovations first began in England : with the opposition that was made against them (Gravenhagh [Netherlands] : ImJohn Ramzey, 1658)
A sermon preached at Dublin upon the 23 of Aprill, 1661 being the day appointed for His Majesties coronation : with two speeches made in the House of Peers the 11th of May, 1661, when the House of Commons presented their speaker (Dublin : William Bladen, 1661)
A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of York before Hi[s] Excellence the Earle of Newcastle and many of the prime nobility and gentry of the northerne covnties : at the publick thanksgiving to Almighty God for the late great victory upon Fryday, June 30, 1643, and the reducement of the west parts of Yorkeshire to obedience. (York : Stephen Bulkley, 1643)
A sermon preached in Yorke Minster, before his Excellence the Marques of Newcastle, being then ready to meet the Scotch Army, January, 28. 1643. By the Bishop of Derry. Published by speciall command (York : Stephen Bulkley, 1644)
The serpent salve, or, A remedie for the biting of an aspe wherein the observators grounds are discussed and plainly discovered to be unsound, seditious, not warranted by the laws of God, of nature, or of nations, and most repugnant to the known laws and customs of this realm : for the reducing of such of His Majesties well-meaning subjects into the right way who have been mis-led by that ignis fatuus. (1643)
A warning for the Church of England (London : The booksellers of London and Westminster, 1706)
The works of John Bramhall: with a life of the author and a collection of his letters
Parker, 1842GB 
Parker, 1845GB 
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