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Westminster Assembly (1643-1653)
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Apollonius, Willem (1602-1657)
A consideration of certaine controversies at this time agitated in the kingdome of England: concerning the government of the church of God (London : G. M. for Tho. Underhill, 1645)
Arrowsmith, John (1602-1659)  en
The covenant-avenging sword brandished: in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons, at their late solemne fast, Jan. 25. By John Arrowsmith. B.D. Preacher of the Gospel at Kings-Linne in Norfolke. Published by order of that House. (London : Samuel Man, 1643)
Belfrage, Henry (1774-1835)  en
A Practical Exposition of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism: Exhibiting a System of Theology in a Popular Form, and Particularly Adapted for Family Instruction, 2nd ed., vol. 1 (Edinburgh : W. Oliphant, 1834)
Bond, John (1612-1676)  en
Salvation in a mystery: or, A prospective glasse for Englands case. As it was laid forth in a sermon preached at Margarets in Westminster, before the Honourable House of commons, at their monthly fast, March 27, 1644 (London : L.N. for F. Eglesfeild, 1644)
Bridge, William (c.1600-1671)  en
Christs coming opened in a sermon before the honourable House of Commons in Margarets Westminster. May 17, 1648 (London : Peter Cole, 1648)
Brown of Haddington, John (1722-1787)
An essay towards an easy, plain, practical, and extensive explication of the Assembly's Shorter Catechism, 8th ed. (Edinburgh : R. Ogle, and T. Hamilton, London and T. Johnston, Dublin, 1812)
Burges, Cornelius (c.1589-1665)  en
Another sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons now assembled in Parliament, November the fifth, 1641. By Cornelius Burges, D.D. Wherein, among other things, are shewed a list of some of the popish traytors in England. That their treasons were not occasioned by our laws, but from principles of their owne religion. That their priests are bound to infuse such principles into them. The courses taken by their priests and Iesuites to animate them unto treasons. An experimentall prognostication. Published by order of the House of Commons. (London : R.B. for P. Stephens and C. Meridith, 1641)
A sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament. At their publique fast, Novem. 17. 1640. By Cornelius Burges D.D. Published by order of that House. (London : Iohn Legatt, 1641)
Burgess, Anthony (-1664)  en
The True Doctrine of Justification Asserted and Vindicated, from the Errours of Papists, Arminians, Socinians, and More Especially Antinomians, 2nd ed.
2nd ed. / London : A. Miller for Thomas Underhill, 1651GB 
3rd ed. / London : A. Miller for Thomas Underhill, 1655IA 
The true doctrine of justification: asserted, and vindicated, from the errors of Papists, Arminians, Socinians, and more especially Antinomians : in XXX lectures preached at Lawrence-Jury, London (London : Robert White, for Thomas Underhil, 1648)
Vindiciæ legis: or, a vindication of the morall law and the covenants, from the errours of papists, Arminians, Socinians, and more especially, Antinomians. In XXX. lectures, preached at Laurence-Jury, London., 2nd ed. (London : James Young, for Thomas Underhill, 1647) [This second edition augments the first edition with “an additionall lecture” inserted as a supplemental signature between Y2 and Y3.]
Burroughs, Jeremiah (1599-1646)  en
A Sermon Preached Before the Honorable House of Commons Assembled in Parliament: At Their Late Solemn Fast, August 26. 1646. in Margarets Westminster (London : Matthew Simmons, 1646)
Calamy, Edmund (1600-1666)  en
An indictment against England because of her selfe-murdering divisions: together vvith an exhortation to an England-preserving vnity and concord. Presented in a sermon preached before the Right Honourable House of Lords in the Abby church at Westminster; at the late solemne fast, December 25. 1644. (London : I. L. for Christopher Meredith, 1645)
Case, Thomas (bap.1598-1682)  en
Deliverance-obstruction: or, the set-backs of Reformation. Discovered in a sermon before the right honourable the House of Peers, in Parliament now assembled. Upon the monthly fast, March 25, 1646 (London : Ruth Raworth, for Luke Fawne, 1646)
Mount Pisgah: or, a prospect of heaven. Being an exposition on the fourth chapter of the first epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, from the 13th. verse, to the end of the chapter. Divided into three parts. (London : Thomas Milbourn, for Dorman Newman, 1670)
Cawdry, Daniel (1588-1664)
The good man a pvblick good: 1. passively, 2. actively. As it was manifested in a sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons, at the late solemne fast: January 31. 1643 (London : Tho. Harper, for Charles Greene, and P. W., 1643)
Independencie a great schism: Proved against Dr. Owen his apology in his tract of Schism (London, 1657)
Sabbatum redivivum: or, the Christian sabbath vindicated, in a full discourse concerning the sabbath and the Lord’s day. Wherein, whatsoever hath heen written of late, for, or against the Christian Sabbath, is exactly, but modestly examined: and the perpetuity of a sabbath deduced, from grounds of nature, and religious reason. By Dan. Cawdrey, and Herb. Palmer: members of the Assembly of Divines. The second part. Of the fourth commandment of the Decalogue in speciall. (London : Thomas Maxey, for Samuel Gellibrand, and Thomas Underhill, 1652) / added author(s): Herbert Palmer [Sabbatum redivivum appeared in four parts; the first part published in 1645, followed by this volume containing the next three parts. Based on Thomason’s dating the work was actually published in November 1651.]
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