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Early Modern Authors
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Allen, William (†1686) 2Baptist
Ash, John (†1779) 4Baptist
Beddome, Benjamin (†1795) 6Baptist
Booth, Abraham (†1806) 4Baptist
Brine, John (†1765) 10BaptistDNB1
Bunyan, John (†1688) 97Baptist, Puritan
Cary, Philip (fl.1690-) 1Baptist
Collins, Hercules (†1702) 1Baptist
Coxe, Nehemiah (fl.1677-1681) 0Baptist
Crosley, David (†1744) 0Baptist
Danvers, Henry (†1687) 1Baptisten
Delaune, Thomas (†1685) 3Baptist
Dutton, Anne (†1765) 6Baptist
Evans, Caleb (†1791) 5Baptist
Evans, Hugh (†1781) 1Baptist
Foskett, Bernard (†1758) 0Baptist
Fuller, Andrew (†1815) 58Baptist
Gifford, Andrew (†1784) 1Baptisten
Gill, John (†1771) 37Baptisten
Grantham, Thomas (†1692) 1Baptisten
Griffith, John (†1700) 1BaptistDNB1
Helwys, Thomas (†c.1616) 0Baptist
Hobson, Paul (†1666) 0Baptisten
Hussey, Joseph (†1726) 0Baptist
Jessey, Henry (†1663) 3Anglican, Baptisten
Keach, Benjamin (†1704) 63Baptist, Puritanen
Kiffin, William (†1701) 3Baptist
Kimber, Isaac (†1755) 7Baptist
Knollys, Hanserd (†1691) 4Baptist
MacLean, Archibald (†1812) 7Baptist
Patient, Thomas (†1666) 0Baptist, Puritan
Piggott, John (†1713) 2Baptist
Richardson, Samuel (fl.1643-1658) 11Anabaptist, Baptist
Rippon, John (†1836) 2Baptist
Robinson, Robert (†1790) 7Baptist
Skepp, John (†1721) 1Baptist
Smith, John (†1612) 1Baptisten
Spilsbury, John (†1668) 1Baptist
Stennett, Joseph (†1713) 2Baptist
Stockell, Samuel (†1750) 0Baptist
Terrill, Edward (†1686) 4Baptist
Tombes, John (†1676) 5Baptisten
Turner, Daniel (†1798) 5Baptist
Twisck, Pieter J. (†1636) 12Baptist
Wallin, Benjamin (†1782) 10Baptist
Wayman, Lewis (†1764) 1Baptist

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