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Early Modern Antiqua
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Aelius Donatus (fl.350-) 27n/a
Aeneas of Gaza (†c.518) 5n/aen
Albinus (fl.150-) 1n/aen
Alexander of Aphrodisias (fl.198-c.209) 22n/a
Ambrose of Milan (†397) 16n/a
Ammonius Hermiae (†c.520) 2n/a
Aratus (†240) 2n/aen
Aristotle (†322) 50n/aen | Bayle | CE
Arnobius of Sicca (†330) 9n/a
Athanasius (†373) 12n/aBBKL | CE
Athenagoras (†190) 6n/a
Augustine, Aurelius (†430) 129n/aBBKL | CE
Aurelius, Marcus A. (†180) 11n/a

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