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Biblical Books
Genesis Esther Amos John Titus
Exodus Job Obadiah Acts Philemon
Leviticus Psalms Jonah Romans Hebrews
Numbers Proverbs Micah 1 Corinthians James
Deuteronomy Ecclesiastes Nahum 2 Corinthians 1 Peter
Joshua Song of Solomon Habakkuk Galatians 2 Peter
Judges Isaiah Zephaniah Ephesians 1 John
Ruth Jeremiah Haggai Philippians 2 John
1-2 Samuel Lamentations Zechariah Colossians 3 John
1-2 Kings Ezekiel Malachi 1 Thessalonians Jude
1-2 Chronicles Daniel Matthew 2 Thessalonians Revelation
Ezra Hosea Mark 1 Timothy Apocrypha
Nehemiah Joel Luke 2 Timothy

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