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Dassovius, Theodor (1648-1721)  de
Sepulturam animalium, Hebraeis usitatam
Wittenbergae, 1697GB 
Sepulturam Animalium, Hebraeis Usitatam, ad illustranda varia Codicis divini commata / Praeside, Theodoro Dassovio, Linguae S. & Oriental. reliquarum Prof. Publ. defendet Responsurus, M. Michael Henricus Reinhard/ Hilperhusa-Francus, ad diem 7. Iulii, a. MDCXCVII. In Auditorio maiori (Wittenbergae : Hakius, 1697)
de Luca, Giovanni Battista (1614-1683)
D. Jo. Baptistae de Luca ... Theatrum veritatis et justitiae sive Decisivi discursus ... in forensibus controversiis canonicis [et] civilibus ...: De fideicommissis, primogenituris et majoratibus, ed. J. A. Cramer ((Lyon)), Philibert Perachon ((Lyon)), vol. 10 (sumptibus J.A. Cramer [et] P. Perachon, 1697)
De Sales, François (1567-1622)
Tractatus amoris divini (1697)
Dell, William (c.1607-1669)  en
Baptismåon didachåe, or, The doctrine of baptisms reduced from its ancient and modern corruptions and restored to its primitive soundness and integrity, according to the word of truth, the substance of faith & the nature of Christ's kingdom (London : T. Sowle ..., 1697)
Descartes, René (1596-1650)  en fr
Opera philosophica omnia, vol. 1 (1697)
Deutschmann, Johann (1625-1706)  en de
Commentarius Authenticus Antediluvianus, Vere Canonicus, Et Catholicus, Evae Prophetissae, De Protevangelii Subiecto, Semine Mulieris, In Viro Jehova, Genes. IV, 1. (Wittenbergae : Schrödterus, 1697)
Maximae Pansophiae Christianorum Speculum, In Paulina Christi Crucifixi Pansophia (Wittenbergae, 1697)
Dickinson, Edmund (1624-1707)  en
De Chrysopoeia Sive De Quintessentia Philosophorum: Accessit ob argumenti analogiam Anonymi Christiani De Medicamentis Universalibus Dissertatio (1697)
De Chrysopoeia Sive De Quintessentia Philosophorum. Accessit ob argumenti analogiam Anonymi Christiani De Medicamentis Universalibus Dissertatio (1697)
Dickson, David (1583-1662)  en
Therapeutica sacra: shewing briefly, the method of healing the diseases of the conscience, concerning regeneration
Edinburgh : J. Watson, 1697IA 
2nd ed. / Edinburgh : J. Watson, 1697GB 
Dodwell, Henry (1641-1711)  en
The doctrine of the Church of England concerning the independency of the clergy on the lay-power, as to those rights of theirs which are purely spiritual, reconciled, with our oath of supremacy, and the lay-deprivations of the popish-bishops in the beginning of the reformation (London, 1697)
Du Pin, Louis Ellies (1657-1719)  en fr
Nouvelle bibliothèque des auteurs ecclésiastiques, contenant l'histoire de leur vie, le catalogue, la critique et la chronologie de leurs ouvrages (André Pralard)
Vol. 5 (1697)
Duijkerius, Johannes (c.1661-1702)
Vervolg van't leven van Philopater: Geredded uit de verborgentheeden der Coccejanen (Groeningen : Van der Burg, 1697)
Edwards, John (1637-1716)  en
Brief remarks upon Mr. Whiston's New theory of the earth and upon an other gentleman's objections against some passages in a discourse of the existence and providence of God, relating to the Copernican hypothesis (London : J. Robinson ... and J. Wyat ..., 1697)
A brief vindication of the fundamental articles of the Christian faith as also of the clergy, universities and publick schools, from Mr. Lock's reflections upon them in his Book of education, &c. : with some animadversions on two other late pamphlets, viz., of Mr. Bold and a nameless Socinian writer (London : J. Robinson ... and J. Wyat ..., 1697)
The Socinian creed, or, A brief account of the professed tenents and doctrines of the foreign and English Socinians wherein is shew'd the tendency of them to irreligion and atheism, with proper antidotes against them (London : J. Robinson ... and J. Wyat ..., 1697)
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