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Brahe, Tycho (1546-1601)  en de
Brevissimum planimetriae compendium, ed. Franti?ek Josef Studni?ka (Ex officina Gregeriana, sumptibus editoris, 1903)
Brainerd, David (1718-1747)
The diary of David Brainerd, vol. 1 (A. Melrose, 1902)
Bromley, Thomas (1629-1691)
The Way to the Sabbath of Rest, Or, The Soul's Progress in the Work of the New-birth (G.W. McCalla, 1905)
The way to the Sabbath of rest, or, The soul's progress in the work of the new-birth (Philadelphia : G.W. McCalla, 1905)
Browne, Robert (1550-1633)
The 'Retractation' of Robert Browne, father of Congregationalism: being 'A reproofe of certeine schismatical persons [i.e. Henry Barrowe, John Greenwood, & their congregation] & their doctrine touching the hearing & preaching of the word of God'. Written probably early in the year 1588, since ... (H. Hart, 1907)
A "New Years guift": an hitherto lost treatise by Robert Browne, the father of Congregationalism, in the form of a letter to his uncle, Mr. Flower, ed. Champlin Burrage (London : On sale at the Publication Department, Memorial Hall, 1904)
A treatise of reformation without tarying for anie, ed. Thomas George Crippen (Congregational Union of England and Wales, 1903)
Browne, Thomas (1605-1682)  en
Christian morals (London : Cambridge university press warehouse, 1904)
Bucer, Martin (1491-1551)  en de
Martin Butzers Erstlingschrift, ed. Alfred Götze (M. Heinsius, 1907)
Buchanan, George (1506-1582)
George Buchanan in the Lisbon Inquisition. The records of his trial, with a translation thereof into English, fac-similes of some of the papers and an introd. by Guilherme J.C. Henriques (Carnota) (London : Lisboa Typografia da Empreza da Historia de Portugal, 1906)
George Buchanan in the Lisbon inquisition. The records of his trial, with a translation thereof into English, fac-similes of some of the papers and an introduction, by Guilherme J.C. Henriques (Carnota) (Lisboa : Typographia da Empreza da Historia de Portugal, 1906)
John the Baptist, a drama (Glasgow : Paisley [Scotland] A. Gardner, 1904)
The sacred dramas of George Buchanan
Edinburgh : J. Thin, 1906IA 
Sacred dramas. Translated into English verse by Archibald Brown (Edinburgh J. Thin, 1906)
Budovec z Budova, Václav (1551-1621)  
Václava Budovce z Budova korrespondence z let 1579-1619, ed. Julius Glücklich (Nákl. České akademie císaře Františka Josefa pro vědy, slovesnost a umění, 1908)
Bullinger, Heinrich (1504-1575)  en de
Bullingers Korrespondenz mit den Graubündnern (Verlag der Basler Buch- und Antiquariatshandlung vormals Adolf Geering)
Vol. 1 (1904)
Vol. 2 (1905) GB 
Vol. 3 (1906) GB 
Heinrich Bullingers Diarium (Annales vitae) der Jahre 1504-1574: Zum 400. Geburtstag Bullingers am 18. Juli 1904, ed. Emil Egli (Basel : Basler Buch- und Antiquariatshandlung, 1904)
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