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Arriaga, Rodrigo de, S.J. (1592-1667)
Disputationes Theologicae in primam partem D. Thomae: Qui continet tractatus tres, De Angelis, De opere sex dierum, De vltimo fine hominis (ex Officina Plantiniana Balthasaris Moreti, 1643)
Disputationes Theologicae in primam partem D. Thomae: tomi duo (ex Officina Plantiniana Balthasaris Moreti, 1643)
Disputationes Theologicae in primam secundae D. Thomae: tomus primus, siue vniuersi cursus theologici tomus tertius, qui continet tractatus De actibus humanis, De passionibus animae, De habitibus et virtutibus, De vitiis et peccatis (ex Officina Plantiniana Balthasaris Moreti, 1644)
Disputationes Theologicae in primam secundae D. Thomae: tomus secundus, siue vniuersi cursus theologici tomus quartus, qui continet tractatus De legibus, De diuina gratia, De iustificatione, De merito (ex Officina Plantiniana Balthasaris Moreti, 1644)
Arrowsmith, John (1602-1659)  en
The covenant-avenging sword brandished: in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons, at their late solemne fast, Jan. 25. By John Arrowsmith. B.D. Preacher of the Gospel at Kings-Linne in Norfolke. Published by order of that House. (London : Samuel Man, 1643)
Ashe, Simeon (-1662)  en
The best refvge for the most oppressed: in a sermon preached to the Honourable House of commons at their solemne fast, March 30, 1642 (London : E. Brewster and I. Burroughs, 1642)
A letter of many ministers in old England, requesting the judgement of their brethren in New England concerning nine positions ; written Anno Dom. 1637 : together with their answer thereunto returned, Anno 1639 ; and the reply made unto the said answer, and sent over unto them, Anno 1640 (London : Thomas Underhill, 1643)
A support for the sinking heart in times of distresse : or, A sermon preached in London, to uphold hope and allay feare, January 4th, which was a day of great trouble and deepe danger in the city (London : G. M., 1642)
Aston, Thomas (1600-1646)
A remonstrance against Presbitery : exhibited by divers of the nobilitie, gentrie, ministers and inhabitants of the County Palatine, of Chester with the motives of that remonstrance ... together with a short survey of the Presbyterian discipline .. (London : Iohn Aston, 1641)
Two petitions to the honorable court of parliament in behalfe of episcopacy : one delivered by Sir T. Aston ... the other from the cities of L. and W (London, 1641)
Auerbach, David (1599-1647)  de
Geistlicher Himmels-Wagen, Bey Christlichem und Adelichem Leichen-Begängnüs Des ... Hans Georgen von Zehmen, auff Steinbach und Muckern, Welcher in Born den 26 Ianuarii, dieses 1643 Jahrs ... verschieden, und den 3 Februarii von dannen nach Steinbach begleitet, und daselbst beygesetzet worden, In der Bornischen Pfarrkirchen In einem Christlichen Leichen-Sermon vorgeführet, und auff begehren zum Druck befördert, Durch David Auerbachen, der H. Schrifft Doctorn, Pfarrn und Superintendenten daselbst (Leipzig, 1643)
Programma propheticum de adventu Messiae in carnem, quod Habacuc iussu Dei exaravit, et Judaeis publici proposuit, II, 3. 4. succincta analysi ... illustratum
Lipsiae : Ritzsch, 1640BSB 
Augustine, Aurelius (354-430)
S. Patris Augustini, Episcopi Hipponensis, libellus de Fide & Symbolo : seorsim editus / a Johanne Michaele Dilherro (Norimbergae : Enderus, 1643)
Austin, Benjamin (fl.1641-1650)
The presumptuous man's mirrour, or, A watch bell to rouze up a secure sinner out of his sleep of security .. (London : G.M. for George Edwards, 1641)
Aversa, Raffaele, C.R.M. (1589-1657)
De eucharistiae sacram?to et sacrificio, de poenitentiae sacram?to et virtute et de extrema Unctione: tractatus theologici ac morales speculatiu? simul et practic? doctrin? accurat? ac dilucide complectens, ed. Andrea Salmincio ((Bolonia)) (typis Caroli Zeneri, 1642)
De ordinis et matrimonii Sacramentis: tractatus theologici ac morales ... (typis Iacobi Montij & Caroli Zeneri, 1642)
Baaz, Johann, Sr (1581-1649)  sv
Inventarium Ecclesiae Sueo-Gothorum continens integram historiam Eccles. Suec (Günther, 1642)
Inventarium ecclesiae Sueo-Gothorum continens integram historiam eccles. Suec. ... (Christophorus Güntherus, 1642)
Bachoff, Reinhard (1544-1614)
Reinhardi Bachovii Echtii, IC. In Institutionum Iuris Divi Iustiniani Libros Quatuor Commentarii Theorici & Practici. Et Nova hac Editione correcti : Quibus Tum Textus Solide Explicatur, tum plurimae connexae Quaestiones ex veris Principiis Iuris accurate enodantur (Francofurti : Johann GottfriedKempfer, Matthäus Schönwetter, 1643)
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