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Du Pin, Louis Ellies (1657-1719)  en fr
Bibliothèque des auteurs séparez de la communion de l'Église romaine, du XVI et du XVII siècle, vol. 2, part 2 (Paris : André Pralard, 1719)
Oeuvres ()
Vol. 25 (1719)
Vol. 30 (1719) GB 
Traité historique des excommunications (Jacques Estienne, 1719)
Edwards, John (1637-1716)  en
Der Socianische Glaube : oder ein kurzer Bericht bekannter Lehr-Sätze der ausländischen und unter uns wohnenden Socianer ... (Berlin, 1719)
Der Socianische Glaube: oder ein kurzer Bericht bekannter Lehr-Sätze der ausländischen und unter uns wohnenden Socianer ... (Berlin, 1719)
Emlyn, Thomas (1663-1741)
A Collection of tracts relating to the Deity, worship and satisfaction of the Lord Jesus Christ ... : to which is prefix'd a true narrative of the proceedings of the dissenting ministers of Dublin against the author .. (London : J. Darby for J. Knapton, J. Sprint, and J. Osborn)
Vol. 1 (1719)
Vol. 2 (1719) IA 
A full inquiry into the original authority of that text, I John v. 7. There are three that bear record in Heaven ... Containing an account of Dr. Mill's evidences from antiquity ... Humbly address'd to both houses of convocation .. (London : J. Darby, 1719)
The Revd. Mr. Trosse's arguments answered; relating to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the deity of the Holy Ghost. Taken from his catechism, and sermon on Luke xxii. 31. printed at Exon (J. Noon, 1719)
Evans, John (c.1680-1730)  en
A letter to Mr. Cumming: Concerning the regard which ought to be had to Scripture-consequences (London : John Clark at the Bible and Crown in the Poultry, and Em. Matthews at the Bible in Pater-noster-row., 1719)
Fecht, Johann (1636-1716)
Consideratio concomitantiae sacramentalis tanquam fulcri, communioni sub una a pontificiis suppositi (1719)
D. Joh. Fechtii ... Tractatus seu aphorismi theologici de ordine modoque gratiae divinae in conversione hominis occupatae: Von der Ordnung des Heils in Bekehrung des Menschen (Haasius, 1719)
Dissertatio Theologica Christologiam Jsaianam Torculariam Ex Jsa. Lxiii, 1. - 6. Porismatice Eductam Sistens /Qvam ... Moderatore ... Dn.Joanne Fechtio, S. S. Theol. Doct. Ejusdemqve Prof. Publ. Ord. Longe Celeberrimo, ... Et Præside M. Zacharia Grapio, Rostochiensi, Ss. Theol. Baccalaureo, Respondens Jo. Joach. Reuss, Seehaus. Palæo-March. Ad D. Octobr. a. O. R. In Audit. Theol. Maj. Horis Consv. Publice Defendet (Rostochii : Haasius, 1719)
Examen libelli recens editi sub titulo Licht und Recht, quod ad argumentum spectat de vera Dei rerumque sacrarum in irregenitis notitia (1719)
Restaurationem regni Israelis: occasione dicti Act. I, 6 ... dissertatione exegetico-theologica delineatam (1719)
Felde, Albert (1675-1720)
Analecta disquisitionum de rebus sacris, ecclesiasticis, et literariis: in academia Kiloniensi publice habitarum : accedunt monumenta quaedam rariora denuo in lucem edita
Lubecae : Boeckmann, 1719ULBH 
Feuerlein, Jakob Wilhelm (1689-1766)  de
Dissertatio Historico-Philosophica Jvs Natvrae Socratis Delineans (Meyer, 1719)
Dissertatio Philosophica Ex Loqvela Hominis Argvmentvm Existentiae Et Providentiae Divinae Dedvcens (Meyer, 1719)
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