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Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804)  en
A course of lectures on oratory and criticism (London : J. Johnson, 1777)
A course of lectures on oratory and criticism. By Joseph Priestley (J. Johnson, 1777)
A description of a new chart ... containing a view of the principal revolutions of empire ..., 4th ed. (J. Johnson, 1777)
Disquisitions relating to matter and spirit; to which is added, The history of the philosophical doctrine concerning the origin of the soul, and the nature of matter; with its influence on Christianity, especially with respect to the doctrine of the pre-exitence of Christ (London : Johnson, 1777)
Disquisitions relating to matter and spirit: to which is added, the history of the philosophical doctrine concerning the origine of the soul, and the natur of matter (1777)
The doctrine of philofophical neceffity illustrated: being an appendix to the Difquifitions relating to matter and spirit. To which is added an anfwer to the Letters on materialism, and on Hartley's theory of the mind [by Joseph Perington]. (J. Johnson, 1777)
The harmony of the Evangelists in Greek: to which are prefixed critical dissertations in English (J. Johnson, 1777)
Ramazzini, Bernardino (1633-1714)
Essai sur les maladies des artisans
Moutard, 1777GB 
Moutard, Imprimeur-Libraire de la Reine, de Madame, & de Madame la Comtesse d'Artois, rue du Hurepoix, près le Pont Saint-Michel, 1777GB 
Randolph, Thomas (1701-1783)
A Letter to the Remarker on the Layman's Scriptural Confutation: Wherein the Divinity of the Son of God is Farther Vindicated Against the Remarker's Exceptions. To which is Added, an Appendix, Taking Some Notice of Mr. Lindsey's Sequel (at the Clarendon Press. Sold by J. and J. Fletcher, in the Turle; and by J. F. and C. Rivington, ... London, 1777)
Renwick, James (1662-1688)
A Choice Collection of Very Valuable Prefaces, Lectures, and Sermons, Preached Upon the Mountains and Muirs of Scotland ... By ... James Renwick .. The Fourth Edition. To which are Added, the Form and Order of the Admission of Ruling Elders ; a Reply to Mr Langlan's Letter to Gavin Wotherspoon ... (John Bryce, 1777)
Savérien, Alexandre (1720-1805)
Histoire des progrès de l'esprit humain dans les sciences et dans les arts qui en dépendent, Siciences Intellectuelles ... (Lacombe, Libraire, 1777)
Histoire des progrès de l'esprit humain dans les sciences naturelles et dans les arts qui en dépendent, vol. 3 (1777)
Schmolck, Benjamin (1672-1737)  en de
Der mit rechtschaffenem Herzen zu seinem Jesu sich nahende Sünder, in auserlesenen Buss-, Beicht- und Communion-Andachten: Benebst denen ... Morgen- und Abend-Andachten
Chemnitz : Stössel, 1777GB 
Schultens, Albert (1686-1750)  en
Bibliothèque orientale: ou Dictionnaire universel contenant tout ce qui fait connoître les peuples de l'Orient. Leurs histories et traditions tant fabuleuses que véritables. Leurs religions et leurs sectes. Leurs gouvernemens, politique, loix, moeurs, coûtumes, et les révolutions de leurs ..., ed. Antoine Galland (J. Neaulme & N. van Daalen, 1777)
Seiler, Georg Friedrich (1733-1807)
Kurzer Inbegriff der Kirchengeschichte des neuen Testamentes in Tabellen / Von D. Georg Friedrich Seiler
Erlangen : Walther, 1777ULBH 
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