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Allestree, Richard (c.1621-1681)  en
Officium Hominis (London : E. Pawlet, 1704)
The whole duty of man (Morton and Pawlet, 1704)
The Whole Duty of Man
London : W. Norton, 1704GB 
London : W. Norton, 1706GB 
London : W. Norton, 1709GB 
18th ed. / London : C. Brown and T. Norris, 1716GB 
The whole duty of man consider'd under its three principal and general divisions [by R. Allestree]. Faithfully extr. by a gentleman [B. Willis.]., ed. Browne Willis (1717)
Allix, Pierre (1641-1717)  en fr
Ausspruch der alten Jüdischen Kirchen wider die Unitarios in der Streit-Sache wegen der H. Dreyeinigkeit und der Gottheit unsers Hochgelobten Heylandes (Rüdiger, 1707)
The Book of Psalms, with the Argument of Each Psalm, and ... General Rules for the Interpretation of this Sacred Book. By a Divine of the Church of England [i.e. Pierre Allix]. (John Taylor, 1701)
A confutation of the hope of the Jews concerning the last redemption: An examination of several scripture prophecies, which the Reverend M.W. hath applyed to the times after the coming of the Messiah (London : R. Burrough and J. Baker, 1707)
De Messiæ duplici adventu dissertationes duæ adversus Judæos (London : Taylor, 1701) [Missing title page]
De Messiæ duplici adventu dissertationes duæ, adversus Judæos (Joh. Taylor, 1701)
Diatriba de anno & mense natali Jesu Christi, in quâ omnia quae ex historiâ erui possunt ad hujus argumenti dilucidationem facientia, accuratè discutiuntur et praecipui veterum ac neotericorum errores huc pertinentes refelluntur (London : David Mortier, 1710)
Diatriba de anno et mense natali Jesu Christi (David Mortier, 1710)
Diatriba de anno et mense natali Jesu Christi ...
Londinum, 1710BSB 
Dissertatio de Jesu Christi Domini Nostri anno & mense natali (Impensis R. Burrough & J. Baker, 1707)
The Judgement of the Ancient Jewish Church, Against the Unitarians: In the Controversy Upon the Holy Trinity, and the Divinity of Our Blessed Saviour (R. Chiswell, 1699)
Kurtze und deutliche Auslegung der Psalmen Davids (1714)
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