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Geret, Andreas (1650-1696)
Disp. math. de sole, tempore Hiskiae retrogrado, von der zur Zeit Hiskiä zurück gegangenen Sonne (Wittenbergae : Gerdes, 1719)
Disputatione mathematica de sole tempore Hiskiae retrogrado = : von der zur Zeit Hiskiae zurück gegangenen Sonne / pulice ... disseruit praeses Andreas Geret ... respondente Godofredo Ulrico Mayero (Wittenbergae : ex officina Gerdesiana, 1719)
Gibson, Edmund (1669-1748)  en
Four sermons upon several subjects ... The three first before the Judges of Assize: and the fourth, before the House of Peers ... Second edition, etc, 3rd ed. (1719)
Goade, Thomas (1576-1638)
A collection of tracts concerning predestination and providence: and the other points depending on them (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1719) / added author(s): John Plaifere, Christopher Potter, Laurence Womock
Grapius, Zacharias, Jr (1671-1713)
Diss. theol. Christologiam Isaianam torculariam ex Isa. LXIII, 1 - 6. porismatice eductam sistens
Rostochium, 1719BSB 
Theologia recens controversa / 2 (Lipsia et Rostochii, 1719)
Theologia recens controversa / 3 (Lipsia et Rostochii, 1719)
Theologia recens controversa: Prout Ab Ipso B. Auctore Jam Ante In IV. Partes Divisa Fuit, IN Inchoatam, Continuatam, Absolutam Et Christologiam (Hartung)
Vol. 2 (1719)
Vol. 3 (1719) GB 
Zachariae Grapii ... Systema novissimarum controversiarum, seu theologia recens controversa, IV tomis absoluta
Fritschius, 1719GB 
Rostochium u.a. : Fritschius, 1719BSB 
Grosvenor, Benjamin (1676-1758)
An authentic account of several things done and agreed upon by the dissenting ministers lately assembled at Salters-Hall ..
London : John Clark at the Bible and Crown in the Poultry near Cheapside ..., 1719IA 
An authentick account of several things done and agreed upon by the Dissenting ministers lately assembled at Salters-Hall: Viz I. Advices for peace, &c. With a list of the names of those who have subscribed them. II. The letter, sent with the advices to Exeter. III. Reasons for not subscribing ... (John Clark, at the Bible and Crown in the Poultry near Cheapside; E. Matthews, at the Bible in Pater-noster-Row; and R. Ford, at the Angel in the Poultry., 1719)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)  en nl
De jure belli ac pacis libri tres, in quibus jus naturae & gentium, item juris publici praecipua explicantur: Cum annotatis auctoris, ex postrema ejus ante obitum cura, vol. 2 (1719)
Guyse, John (1680-1761)
Jesus Christ God-Man, or, the constitution of Christ's person : with the evidence and importance of the doctrine of his true and proper Godhead ; considered in several plain and practical sermons, on Rom. IX. 5 (1719)
Habert, Louis (1635-1718)
Compendium theologiae dogmaticae et moralis ad usum seminarii Catalaunensis, ed. Esprit Billiot ((París)) (apud Spiritum Billiot, 1719)
Compendium theologiae dogmaticae et moralis, ad usum seminarii Catalaunensis, autore D. Ludovico Habert (Billiot, 1719)
Hallet, Joseph (c.1692-1744)
The Belief of the Subordination of the Son of God to His Father No Characterstick of an Arian, vol. 9 (Andrew Brice, 1719)
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