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Gabriel, Steffan (1565-1638)  de
Glaubens-Wage/ Nach der Richtschnur des H. Worts Gottes gerichtet/ mit welcher Die wahre Evangelische Religion gegen der widerwertigen Bäpstischen gehalten/ und abgewogen/ und zugleich auch hiemit erwiesen wird : Daß das Gewicht der Göttlichen/ ewigen Warheit bey der Evangelischen/ und nicht der jetzigen Römischen Bäpstischen Kirchen bestehe / Durch Stephanum Gabrielem Pfarherren zu Jlantz in den Pündten/ und Decanum der Evangelischen Kirchen des Oberen Punds/ anfangs in Romanischer Rhætischer Sprach publiciert: Jetzt aber/ den Christlichen Teutschen Gemeinden in den dreyen Pündten zu gutem/ in die Teutsche Sprach übergesetzt. Cum Privilegio Illustrissimorum D.D. Rh[ae]torum (Basel : Georg Decker, 1648)
Gage, Thomas (1603-1656)
The English-American his travail by sea and land: or, A new survey of the West-India's [sic], : containing a journall of three thousand and three hundred miles within the main land of America. Wherin is set forth his voyage from Spain to St. Iohn de Ulhua; and from thence to Xalappa, to Tlaxcalla, the City of Angeles, and forward to Mexico; with the description of that great city, as it was in former times, and also at this present. Likewise his journey from Mexico through the provinces of Guaxaca, Chiapa, Guatemala, Vera Paz, Truxillo, Comayagua; with his abode twelve years about Guatemala, and especially in the Indian-towns of Mixco, Pinola, Petapa, Amatitlan. As also his strange and wonderfull conversion, and calling from those remote parts to his native countrey. With his return through the province of Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, to Nicoya, Panama, Portobelo, Cartagena, and Havana, with divers occurrents and dangers that did befal in the said journey. Also, a new and exact discovery (London : R. Cotes, and are to be sold by Humphrey Blunden at the Castle in Cornhill, and Thomas Williams at the Bible in Little Britain, 1648)
Garissoles, Antoine (1587-1651)
Decreti synodici Carentoniensis de imputatione primi peccati Adae explicatio et defensio (Montalbani, 1648)
Gataker, Thomas (1574-1654)  en
De novi instrumenti stylo dissertatio, qua viri doctissimi Sebastiani Pfochenii, de linguae graecae novi testamenti puritate, in qua hebraismis, quae vulgo singuntur, qam plurimis larva detrahi dicitur ; Diatribe ad examen revocatur ... cum indicibus necessariis
London : L. Sadler, 1648GB 
Mysterious cloudes and mistes, shunning the cleer light, a little further disclosed in a short answer to Mr. John Simpsons long appendix, entituled, Truth breaking forth through a cloud and mist of slanders, wherein the charge of slander, so far as it concerneth, both himself and some others, is taken of and removed (London : E. Griffin, and are to be sold by Fulke Clifton ..., 1648)
Thomae Gatakeri ... De Novi Instrumenti stylo dissertatio (Londinium : Sadlerus, 1648)
Thomae Gatakeri Londinatis, De novi instrumenti stylo dissertatio. Qua viri doctissimi Sebastiani Pfochenii, De linguae Graecae Novi Testamenti puritatis in qua hebraismis, quae vulgo figuntur, qam plurimis larva detrahi dicitur; diatribe ad examen revocatur: ..
typis T. Harperii, impensis L. Sadleri bibliopolae, commorantis in vico vulgo vocato Little Britaine, apud quem prostant venales, 1648GB 
Thomae Gatakeri Londinatis: De Novi Instrumenti stylo dissertatio, qua viri doctissimi Sebastiani Pfochenii De lingvae graecae Novi Testamenti puritate, in qua hebraismis, quae vulgo finguntur, quam plurimis larva detrahi dicitur, diatribe ad examen revocatur: scriptorumqe qâ sacrorum, qâ ... (tyṕis T. Harperi, impensis L. Sadleri, 1648)
Geluwe, Arnold van (1604-1675)
Den gheestelijcken iaegher van Sampsons vossen, inhoudende hondert ende vijftich catholijcke vraeghen, in't licht gegeuen, alle nieu gesinde predicanten uyt liefden tot vriendelick be-antwoordinghe voorghestelt
Bavdewyn vanden Berghe, 1648GB 
Gerhard, Johann (1582-1637)  en de
Ein-und-fünfftzig Geistreiche Andachten, zu Gottseliger Ubung und Erbawung, im gantzen Christenthumb sehr Nützlich (Rebenbein, 1648)
Glass, Salomon (1593-1656)  en de
Christologia Davidica seu Psalmi CX. Explicatio Theologica, Disputationibus Quinque, Et Oratione Una
Steinmann, 1648GB 
Jenae : Steinmann, 1648BSB 
Christologia Davidica, s. Psalmi CX. explicatio theologica (1648)
Evangelicorum et epistolicorum textuum: qui dominicis et festis diebus in ecclesia tractari solent, exegesis, vol. 2 (Gotæ : Wolfgangi Endteri, 1648)
Goodwin, John (c.1594-1665)  en
Neophytopresbyteros, or, The yongling elder, or, novice-presbyter.:Compiled more especially for the Christian instruction and reducement of William Jenkin, a young presbyter, lately gone astray like a lost sheep from the wayes of modesty, conscience and truth. And may indifferently serve for the better regulation of the ill governed Society of Sion Colledge. Occasioned by a late importune pamphlet, published in the name of the said William Jenkin, intituled Allotrioepiskopos; the said pamphlet containing very little in it, but what is chiefly reducible to one, or both, of those two unhappy predicaments of youth, ignorance, & arrogance. Clearly demonstrated by I.G. a servant of God and men in the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wherein also the two great questions, the one, concerning the foundation of Christian religion: the other, concerning the power of the naturall man to good supernaturall, are succinctly, yet satisfactorily discussed. With a brief answer in the close, to the friv ([London] : Henry Overton in Popes-head-Alley, 1648)
Sion-Colledg visited. Or, Some briefe animadversions upon a pamphlet lately published,: under the title of, A testimonie to the truth of Jesus Christ, and to our Solemne League and Covenant, &c. Subscribed (as is pretended) by the ministers of Christ within the province of London. Calculated more especially for the vindication of certaine passages cited out of the writings of J.G. in the said pamphlet, with the black brand of infamous and pernicious errors, and which the said ministers pretend (amongst other errors so called) more particularly to abhominate. Wherein the indirect and most un-Christian dealings of the said ministers, in charging & calling manifest and cleere truths, yea such as are consonant to their own principles, by the name of infamous and pernicious errours, are detected and laid open to the kingdome, and the whole world. (London : M.S. for Henry Overton, at the entring out of Lombard-street into Popes-head Alley, 1648)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)  en nl
Bewijs van de ware godts-dienst, gestelt in ses boecken: alsmede een uytlegginge op 't gebedt onses Heeren Jesu Christi : met een t' samen-sprake over den doop, ende een betrachtinge des lydens Christi : noch is hierachter bygevoeght, een uytlegginge des algemeynen sendbriefs Johannis, met ... (de wed. van Rieuwert Dircksz. van Baardt, 1648)
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