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Fabritius, Johann Ludwig (1632-1697)
Disputatio theologica ordinaria De solemni novorum inter Christianos templorum dedicatione et inauguratione (Heidelbergae : Ammon, 1681)
Joh. Ludovici Fabritii De Limitibus Obsequii Erga Homines (Ammonius, 1681)
Farvacques, François, O.E.S.A. (fl.1665-1671)
Oratio in funere admodum reuerendi, ac eximii patris, P. F. Christiani Lupi Iprensis ... habita a F. Francisco Faruacques Insulensi, ... Louanii, die 12. Iulij 1681
Lovanium : ex typographia Pauli Monetae, 1681GB 
Lovanium : ex typographia Pauli Monetæ, 1681GB 
Lovanium : Martin Hullegaerde, 1681GB 
Faye, Antoine de la (1540-1615)
Les Vies de Jean Calvin & de Theodore de Beze : mises en Francois (Jean Herman Widerhold, 1681) [Translated by Antoine Teissier (Haag, vol. 6, p.187)]
Fecht, Johann (1636-1716)
Doctrinae de sabbatho ex Augustana Confessione caeterisque libris symbolicis repetita delineatio (Müller, 1681)
Ferguson, Robert (c.1637-1714)  en
No Protestant plot, or, The present pretended conspiracy of Protestants against the King and government discovered to be a conspiracy of the Papists against the King and his Protestant subjects (London : R. Lett, 1681)
Flavel, John (c.1630-1691)  en
The method of grace, in bringing home the eternal redemption contrived by the Father, and accomplished by the Son through the effectual application of the spirit unto God's elect, being the second part of Gospel redemption : wherein the great mysterie of our union and communion with Christ is opened and applied, unbelievers invited, false pretenders convicted, every mans claim to Christ examined, and the misery of Christless persons discovered and bewailed (London : M. White, for Francis Tyton ..., 1681)
Fleming, Robert (1630-1694)
The Church wounded and rent by a spirit of division, held forth [by R. Fleming] in a short account of some sad differences hath been of late in the Church of Scotland (1681)
Fornerod, David (1640-1698)
L'anathème Maranatha: 1 Cor. 16, 22 (1681)
Fowler, Edward (1632-1714)  en
A sermon preached before the judges, &c: in the time of the Assizes in the Cathedral Church at Gloucester, on Sunday Aug. 7, 1681 ; published to put a stop to false and injurious representations, 2nd ed. (London : R. Royston, and Walter Kettilby, 1681)
A sermon preached before the judges, &c. in the time of the assizes in the Cathedral church at Gloucester on Sunday Aug. 7, 1681 published to put a stop to false and injurious representations (London : R. Royston, and Walter Kettilby, 1681)
Friderici, Valentin (1630-1702)  de
Disp. mor. de moderatione sumtuum (Brandius, 1681)
Disputatio philosophica de suppositione (Lipsiae, 1681)
Geier, Martin (1614-1680)
Commentarius in Psalmos Davidis (typis & sumptibus Christiani Bergenii, 1681)
Glanvill, Joseph (1636-1680)  en
Saducismus Triumphatus Or Full and Plain Evidence Concerning Witches and Apparitions... by Joseph Glanvil... with a Letter of Dr. Henry More... and an Authentick... Story of Certain Swedish Witches Done Into English by Anth. Horneck... (London : J. Collins and S. Lownds, 1681)
Saducismus triumphatus, or, Full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions in two parts : the first treating of their possibility, the second of their real existence (London : J. Collins and S. Lownds, 1681)
Some discourses, sermons, and remains of the Reverend Mr. Jos. Glanvil ... collected into one volume, and published by Ant. Horneck ... ; together with a sermon preached at his funeral, by Joseph Pleydell ... (London : Henry Mortlock ... and James Collins ..., 1681)
The zealous, and impartial Protestant shewing some great, but less heeded dangers of popery, in order to thorough and effectual security against it : in a letter to a member of Parliament. (London : M.C. for Henry Brome ..., 1681)
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