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Ferguson, Robert (c.1637-1714)  en
R. Fergusson's apology for his transactions these last ten years, both in England and forreign parts (London : John Cox, and re-printed in Edinburgh, 1689)
Flavel, John (c.1630-1691)  en
Englands duty under the present gospel liberty from Revel. III, vers. 20 : wherein is opened the admirable condescension and patience of Christ in waiting upon trifling and obstinate sinners, the wretched state of the unconverted, the nature of evangelical faith ..., the riches of free grace in the offers of Christ ..., the invaluable priviledges of union and communion granted to all who receive him ... (London : Matthew Wotton ..., 1689)
A Saint Indeed: Or, The Great Work of a Christian, Opened and Pressed, from Prov. IV. Xxiii: Being a Seasonable and Proper Expedient for the Recovery of the Much Decayed Power of Godliness, Among the Professors of These Times. By John Flavel, Minister of the Gospel (T. Parkhurst, at the Bible and three Crowns in Cheapside, and D. Newman, at the King's-Arms in the Poultrey, 1689)
Flemmich, Christoph (fl.1683-1686)
Idea synopseos theologicae Francisci Burmanni, continens cum prooemio tres periodos utrinsque testamenti oeconomiae (Francofurti ad Moenum : Joh. David Zunnerus, 1689)
Fowler, Edward (1632-1714)  en
A vindication of the divines of the Church of England who have sworn allegiance to K. William & Q. Mary, from the imputations of apostasy and perjury, which are cast upon them upon that account, in the now publish'd History of passive obedience (London : Brabazon Aylmer ..., 1689)
Fullwood, Francis (-1693)
Agreement betwixt the present and the former government: or, A discourse of this monarchy, whether elective or hereditary? Also, of abdication, vacancy, interregnum, present possession of the crown, and the reputation of the Church of England. With an answer to objections, thence arising ... (London : A. Churchill, 1689)
Gezelius, Johannes, I (1615-1690)
Iubilaeus Antichristi romani ipsius exitium / added author(s): Enevaldus Svenonius
Aboa, 1689BSB 
Suobacum, 1689BSB 
Gisbert, Jean, S.J.
Vera idea theologiae cum historia ecclesiastica Sociatae sive Quaestiones juris et facti theologicae (apud Sthephanum Michallet, 1689)
Godefroy, Denis (1549-1622)
Memoires et instructions pour servir dans les negociations et affaires concernant la France / (Paris : J. Le Febvre, 1689)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)  en nl
De jure belli ac pacis libri tres: in quibus jus natur? & gentium, item juris publici pr?cipua explicantur (sumptibus Abrahami à Someren, 1689)
Guthrie, William (1620-1665)
Two sermons preaced by Mr. William Guthry ... at Finnick [!] the 17 day of August in the year 1662 (1689)
Hacket, John (1592-1670)  en
Jesus perfossus, oder der durchstochene Jesus : grundtlich in einer trostreichen Predig dargethan ... / durch ... Johann Hacket ; übersezt von Johann Conrad Werndlin (Zürich : getruckt by Joh. Rudolph Simler, 1689)
Hammond, Henry (1605-1660)
Dr. Hammond's brief resolution of that grand case of conscience (necessary for these times) concerning the allegiance due to a prince ejected by force out of his kingdoms; and how far the subjects may comply with a present usurped power. (London, 1689)
Harvey, Gideon (c.1640-c.1700)
The Art of Curing Diseases (1689)
The art of curing diseases by expectation with remarks on a supposed great case of apoplectick fits : also most useful observations on coughs, consumptions, stone, dropsies, fevers, and small pox : with a confutation of dispensatories, and other various discourses in physick (London : James Partridge ..., 1689)
Heidegger, Johann Heinrich (1633-1698)  en de
Christiani paradoxi de diligendis inimicis explanatio / quam Deo, charitate ipsa, opitulante placidae syzētēsei subiicit Ioh. Henricus Heideggerus ... respondente Theodoro Gernlero, Basil. Lucae f. ..., assumente Ioh. Wilperto Toblero ... postridie synodi Maii h.l.q.s. ([Tiguri] : typis Gessnerianis, 1689)
Dissertatio textualis ad Matth. XXI. 18.19. & Marc. XI. 12--15. de ficu a Christo maledicta / quam auspiciis Dei t.o.m. praeside Ioh. Henrico Heideggero ... examinis theologici consequendi gratiâ sustinebunt ... die 16. Aprilis Christophorus Schaenisius ... [et al.], die 23. Aprilis Iacobus Cramerus ... [et al.] (Tiguri : typis Gessnerianis, 1689)
רשי אבות, sive, De historia sacra patriarcharum exercitationes selectae, 2nd ed., vol. 2 (Amsterdam : Ex Officina Abrahami à Someren, 1689)
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