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Hallet, Joseph (c.1692-1744)
A Letter to the Authors of a Pamphlet: Civilly Intitled, A Caution Against Deceivers. By Joseph Hallet, vol. 11 (Andrew Brice, 1719)
Whereas it Hath Been Industriously Reported, that Some Protestant Dissenting Ministers are Arians: Denying the Divinity of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and Holding Him to be a Mere Creature; and that They Baptize Only in the Name of the Father: ... (1719)
Halma, François (1653-1722)
Grand dictionnaire français et flamand (Poulsum, 1719)
Harris, John (c.1666-1719)  en
Astronomical dialogues between a gentleman and a lady (London : T. Wood for B. Cowse, 1719)
Hase, Theodor (1682-1731)
Bibliotheca historico-philologico-theologica. Classis Primae Fasciculus Primus (Johannes Andreas Grimmius, 1719)
Bibliotheca historico-philologico-theologica. Classis Tertiae Fasciculus Primus (Bremae : Johannes Andreas Grimmius, 1719)
Hoadly, Benjamin (1676-1761)
A sermon preach'd at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Howland: in the parish-church of Streatham in Surry, on Friday, May the first, 1719. By Benjamin Lord Bishop of Bangor (W. Wilkins, for James Knapton, and Tim. Childe, 1719)
Hoffmann, Gottfried (1669-1728)
De angelis in genere (Literis Josephi Sigmundi, 1719)
De creatione (1719)
Hofmann, Daniel (1538-1611)
Annotationes medicae ad hypotheses Goveyanas de generatione foetus ... (1719)
Holtzhalb, David (1677-1731)
Diss. philos. de libertate mentis humanae
Tiguri : Bodmerus, 1719BSB 
Horch, Heinrich (1652-1729)  de
Invisibilia Dei In rebus ab ipso factis Facta Visibilia, Contra Spinozam, Cum Consectario Pacifico inter Cll. Viros, Driessenium Et Wittichium, Et multiplici analogia naturæ spiritualis & corporeæ, tanquam genuino Theologiæ hieroglyphicæ fundamento : Nec non Currus Gloriæ Ezech. I. X. & Theatrum Apocalypticum Cap. IV. V. &c. cum figuris & expositione utriusque mysterii ; Ut Et Numerus Bestiæ 666. Apoc. XIII. 18. Denique Saron Et Achor Jes. LXV. 10. Hos. II. 17. (Marburgi Cattorum : Müller, 1719)
Horneck, Anthony (1641-1697)
The crucified Jesus : or, a full account of the nature, End, Design and Benefits of the Sacrament ... (London : Chapman, 1719)
The crucified Jesus: or, a full account of the nature, End, Design and Benefits of the Sacrament ..., 6th ed. (Chapman, 1719)
Hottinger, Johann Jakob (1652-1735)  en
Diodekas Assertionum Theologicarum (Tiguri : Gessnerus, 1719)
Huet, Pierre-Daniel (1630-1721)
Alnetanae quaestiones de concordia rationis et fidei (Francofurti / Lipsiae : Grossius, 1719)
Memoirs of the Dutch trade in all the states, empires, and kingdoms in the world: Shewing its first rise and amazing progress: after what manner the Dutch manage and carry on their commerce; their vast dominions and government in the Indies, and by what means they have made themselves masters of ... (C. Rivington, 1719)
Jewel, John (1522-1571)  en
The apology of the Church of England (London : T. C., 1719)
Jüngst, Gottfried (1665-1726)
Disp. theol. de finali ad Deum triunum Pauli voto (Brema, 1719)
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