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Superville, Daniel de, Sr (1657-1728)
Les vérités et les devoirs de la religion chrétienne ou Catéchisme pour l'instruction de la jeunesse (J. J. Hellen, 1779)
Tersteegen, Gerhard (1697-1769)  en de
Des seligen Gerhard Tersteegens hinterlaßene Erklärung seines Sinnes, seinem Testamente beigelegt: nebst dessen Ermahnung zur Liebe, kurz vor seinem Ende, so den 3. April 1769 erfolget, von ihm geschrieben (Schmitz, 1779)
Toplady, Augustus (1740-1778)  en
A memoir of some principal circumstances in the life and death of the Reverend and learned Augustus Montague Toplady: B.A. ... To which are added, written by himself, The dying believer's address to his soul, and his own last will and testament (J. Mathews, 1779)
Venema, Herman (1697-1787)  nl
Institutiones historiae ecclesiae, vol. 3 (Lugduni Batavorum : apud Samuelem et Johannem Luchtmans, 1779)
Institutiones Historiae Ecclesiae Veteris Et Novi Testamenti Seu Novum Testamentum Aut Ecclesia Christiana / 3 = 1 : A Jesu Christo, Salvatore Mundi, Nato Ad Seculi Tertii Finem (Lugduni Batavorum : Tresling Luchtmans, 1779)
Institutiones Historiae Ecclesiae Veteris Et Novi Testamenti Seu Novum Testamentum Aut Ecclesia Christiana: A Jesu Christo, Salvatore Mundi, Nato Ad Seculi Tertii Finem, vol. 3 (Luchtmans, 1779)
Vernes, Jacob, Sr (1728-1791)
Catéchisme a l'usage des jeunes gens (1779)
Confidence Philosophique, vol. 2 (Du Villard & Nouffer, 1779)
Confidence Philosophique / 1 (Geneve, 1779)
Confidence Philosophique / 2 (Geneve, 1779)
Vitringa, Campegius, Sr (1659-1722)  en de
Doctrina christinae religionis, per aphorismos summatim descripta ..., vol. 7 (Leiden : Joannes le Mair, 1779)
Vives, Juan Luis (1492-1540)  en
Introducci?on la la Sabidur?ia: A?nadese el dialogo de Plutarche sobre la ira y la carta a Poliano del modo de proceder en el matrimonio (Monfort, 1779)
Introducción a la sabiduría, trans. Diego de Astudillo (Benito Monfort, 1779)
Wallin, Benjamin (1711-1782)
The ancient believers transition from mortality to life, a sermon occasioned by the decease of H. Munn (1779)
Watts, Isaac (1674-1748)  en
The first sett of catechisms and prayers: or, the religion of little children under seven or eight years of age. Collected out of the larger books of prayers and catechisms ... By I. Watts, Part 4 (W. Darling, for W. Gray, and J. Dickson, 1779)
Posthumous works of the late Learned and Reverend Isaac Watts, D.D (London : T. Becket and J. Bew)
Vol. 1 (1779)
Vol. 2 (1779) IA 
The posthumous works: of the late learned and reverend Isaac Watts, D.D. In two volumes. Compiled from papers in possession of his immediate successors: adjusted and published by a gentleman of the University of Cambridge. ..., vol. 1 (T. Becket; and J. Bew, 1779)
Wernsdorf, Ernst Friedrich (1718-1782)  de
C. Plinius Secundus exemplum sapientis liberalitatis
Dürr, 1779GB 
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