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Flavel, John (c.1630-1691)  en
Husbandry Spiritualized, Or, The Heavenly Use of Earthly Things: Consisting of Many Pleasant Observations, Pertinent Applications, and Serious Reflections : and Each Chapter Concluded with a Divine and Suitable Poem, Directing Husbandmen to the Most Excellent Improvements of Their Common ... (Shepard Kollock, 1794)
Navigation spiritualized, or a new compass for seamen : consisting of XXXII points ... all concluded with so many spiritual poems (Newburyport : Edmund M. Blunt, 1796)
Navigation Spiritualized: Or a New Compass of Seamen, Consisting of XXXII Points; Or Pleasant Observations, Profitable Application, and Serious Reflections (Edmund M. Blunt, at the Newburyport book-store, 1796)
Fléchier, Esprit (1632-1710)
Voyage de Fléchier en Auvergne (Paris : Chaigneau aîné, 1796)
Fleming, Robert (c.1660-1716)
Apocalyptical Key, published in 1702, in a discourse [on Rev. xiv. 13] on the death of King William ... Being a vindication and enlargement of that Discourse, on the rise and fall of the Papacy, published in 1701, etc (1793)
Apocalyptical Key.-An extraordinary discourse on the rise and fall of Papacy; or, the pouring out of the vials in the Rev. of St. John, chap. xvi.: containing predictions respecting the revolutions of France, etc. Printed from the original, published in the year 1701 (1793)
Fleming, Robert (1630-1694)
A discourse on earthquakes: as supernatural and premonitory signs to a nation, especially as to what occured in the year 1692 ... (G. Terry, 1793)
Fontenelle, Bernard le Bovier de (1657-1757)
Entretiens sur la pluralit?e des mondes (1796)
Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes
Causse, 1794GB 
Dijon, 1794BSB 
Fordyce, James (1720-1796)  en
Addresses to young men. (Boston : Manning & Loring, for S. Hall, W. Spotswood, J. White, Thomas & Andrews, D. West, E. Larkin, W.P. Blake, and J. West., 1795)
Sermons To Young Women : In Two Volumes / By James Fordyce, D. D. (London : Law and Cater Millar, 1794)
Gaussen, Etienne (-1675)
Stephani Gausseni, dissertationes I. De studii theologici ratione; II. De natura theologiae; III. De ratione concionandi, 7th ed. (apud C.F. van Paddenburg & Filium, 1792)
Stephani Gausseni, S.S. theologiae in academia Salmuriensi professoris, Dissertationes: I. De studii theologici ratione; II. De natura theologicae; III. De ratione concionandi, ed. Everard Scheid (Apud Sam. et Joh. Luchtmans, 1792)
Geleerde werelt, Boekzael
Maandelyke uittreksels, of Boekzaal der geleerde waerelt, vol. 127 (Amsterdam : A. Wor en de erven van G. Onder de Linden, 1794)
Genovesi, Antonio (1713-1769)  
Della Diceosina O Sia Della Fillosofia Del Giusto E Dell'Onesto (Fenzo)
Vol. 1 (1795)
Vol. 2 (1795) GB 
Vol. 3 (1795) GB 
Della diceosina; o sia, della filosofia del giusto e dell'onesto (Venice : Modesto Fenza, 1795) [PDF contains all three volumes]
Della virtu in generale, delle cause che la producono, e degl'indicj per conoscerla. Opuscolo dell'abate Antonio Genovesi, tradotto dal latino in italiano come in compendio e di qualche annotazione corredato dall'abate Michele Pavanello vicentino, e da esso dedicato all'ottimo e studioso giovane ... (Giovanni Rossi, 1792)
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