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Artis, Gabriel d' (1660-1730)
Requeste portant plainte contre l'article XLII. des résolutions du synode Wallon tenu à Maestricht le 3. de mai 1714 & jours suivans (1714)
Athenagoras (c.133-190)
The apologeticks of the learned Athenian philosopher Athenagoras, I. For the Christian religion. II. For the truth of the resurrection. Against the scepticks and infidels of that age. Together with a curious fragment of Justin Martyr on the subject of the resurrection, not published in his works. And two other fragments: the one attributed to Josephus; the other to Methodius, concerning the state of the dead. Both from MSS. of the late Reverend Dr. Grabe. With the original Greek printed in the appendix. Done into English, with notes. To which are prefix'd two dissertations: the one concerning the Jewish notion of the resurrection; the other concerning Athenagoras and his remains (London, Printed by G. James : for R. Smith, 1714)
Atterbury, Francis (1663-1732)  en
English advice to the freeholders of England
[London?] printed, 1714IA 
The History of the Mitre and Purse : in which the first and second parts of The secret history of the White Staff are fully considered and the hypocrisy and villanies of the Staff himself and laid open and detected (London : J. Morphew near Stationers Hall, 1714)
Baier, Johann Wilhelm, Jr (1675-1729)
De Haereticis Mvliercvlas Captivantibvs Ad II. Tim. III. v. 6 (Altorfi[i] Noric., 1714)
Tractatus De Praegustu Vitae Aeternae, Qua Vera Sententia Declaratur, Ea Vero Quam Georgius Keithus, Ex Quakeris Unus Propugnat, Refutatur (Vitembergae, 1714)
Baillet, Adrien (1649-1706)  en fr
La vie D'Edmond Richer (1714)
La vie d'Edmond Richer, docteur de Sorbonne par M. Adrien Baillet, bibliothécaire de M. le président de Lamoignon (1714)
La vie d'Edmond Richer, docteur de Sorbonne. Divisée en quatre livres. Par feu Adrien Baillet, bibliothécaire de M. le président de Lamoignon (1714)
Baker, Thomas (1656-1749)
Reflections upon learning, wherein is shewn the insufficiency thereof, in its several particulars: in order to evince the usefulness and necessity of revelation (J. Knapton and R. Wilkin, 1714)
Barlow, Thomas (c.1608-1691)  en
The case concerning setting up images or painting of them in churches (1714)
Barrington, John Shute (1678-1734)
A letter from a lay-man in communion with the Church of England ... to the Right Revd the Lord Bisho of ---- (London : John Clark at the Bible and Crown in the Old Change near St. Paul's, 1714)
A letter from a lay-man, in communion with the Church of England, tho' dissenting from her in some points: To the Right Revd, the Lord Bishop of - (John Clark, 1714)
The revolution and anti-revolution principles stated and compar'd, the constitution explain'd and vindicated ... (London : Edward Young at the Angel near Lincolns-Inn Back-Gate, 1714)
Bashuysen, Heinrich Jakob van (1679-1750)  en
Clavis talmudica maxima (Hanoviae : sumtibus auctoris, 1714)
Dispvtatio Theologica Scriptuaria, Pro Examine Sancti Ministerii, De Salitione Per Ignem, Ad Locum Illustrem, Marci Ix, 49. ... / Quam ... Præside ... Henrico Jacobo van Bashuysen, S. S. Th. ... Gymn. Hanov. Profess. Ord.... Defendet Johannes Justus Schütz, Haqnoviensis, Candidatus, Auctor. Ante diem XI. Julii MDCCXIV. ... (Hanoviae : Beausang, 1714)
Dissertatio Theologica et Philologica De Aspersione Sanguinis apud Hebraeos Ad Piam Sacrae Coenae Praeparationem & Loci ad Hebr. 12. 24. Illustrationem / Quam ... Praeside ... Henrico Jacobo Van Bashuysen, S.S. Th. D. ejusdemque & Philol. Sacrae in Illustr. Gymn. Hanov. Profess. Ord. ... Placido Eruditorum Examini Submittit Johannes Adamus Uber, Esenheima Bipontinus S. S. Th. Stud. a. d. 29. August. 1714 hora 2 pomerid. In Auditorio Majori (Hanoviae : Scheffer, 1714)
Maftēaḥ hat-talmûd hag-gādôl sive clavis talmudica maxima: constans ex R. Iosuae Levitae libro Hălîkôt ʻôlām & R. Samuelis Māvô hag-gĕmārâ cum versione & praefatione L'Empereurii sub nomine clavis talmudicae, olim editis et R. Eliakim Panzi Maftēaḥ hag-gĕmārâ sive clavi gemarica, cum versione ... (Hanoviae : sumtibus auctoris, 1714)
Bayle, Pierre (1647-1706)
Critique générale de l'Hist. du Calvinisme de Maimbourg, 4th ed., vol. 2 (1714)
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