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Baumgarten, Siegmund Jakob (1706-1757)
Dissertatio Theologica De Propagatione Et Gradibvs Peccati Originalis / Qvam Praeside Viro Svmme Reverendo, Excellentissimo Atqve Doctissimo Sigism.IacoboBavmgarten S. S. Theol. Doct. Et Profess. Pvbl. Ordin. Nec Non Seminarii Theolog. Directore Patrono Ac Praeceptore Pie Colendo D. XXIII. Aprilis a. C. MDCCXxxxv. ... Pvblice Defendent Avctor Ioannes Fridericvs Litzmann Neo-Rvppinensis (Halae Magdebvrgicae : Hilligerus, 1748)
Nachrichten Von Merkwurdigen Buchern (Halle : Johann Justinus Gebauer)
Vol. 1 (1748)
Vol. 2 (1748) GB 
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
Important Directions how to spend every day, and particularly the Lord's day. Chiefly collected from the Rev. Mr. Baxter and Dr. Doddridge. With prayers for the morning and evening ... To which are added ... extracts from the Rev. Dr. Young on the Last Day, on the importance of time ... With a ... (J. Buckland, 1748)
Beach, John (1700-1782)
A Second Vindication of God's Sovereign Free Grace indeed. In a fair and candid examination of the last discourse of Mr. Dickinson, entitled, A Second Vindication of God's Sovereign Free Grace. Done in a friendly debate between C, a Calvinist and B, a believer of meer primitive Christianity ... (Rogers & Fowle, 1748)
Bennet, Benjamin (c.1674-1726)  en
A memorial of the reformation: (chiefly in England) and of Britain's deliverances from popery and arbitrary-power, to, 1716 (William Gray, 1748)
Benson, George (1699-1762)
A collection of tracts, 3rd ed. (1748)
Boerhaave, Herman (1668-1738)  en
Herm. Boerhaave Praelectiones publicae de morbis oculorum : cum figuris aeneis (Parisiis : Apud Gulielmum Cavelier ..., 1748)
Borromeo, Carlo (1538-1584)
Homiliae, vol. 5 (Marellus, 1748)
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne (1627-1704)
Lettres et opuscules de... (Barois, 1748)
Botero, Giovanni (1540-1617)
Descripcion de todas las provincias, reynos, estados, y ciudades principales del mundo, sacada de las relaciones toscanas de Juan Botero Benes: en que se trata de las costumbres, industria, trato, y riquezas de cada una de las naciones, de Europa, Asia, Africa, America, ò Nuevo mundo; de la ... (J. Brò, 1748)
Boullier, David Renaud (1699-1759)
Sermons sur divers textes de l'ecriture s (1748)
Sermons sur divers textes de l'Ecriture Sainte (François Changuion, 1748)
Bourdaloue, Louis, S.J. (1632-1704)
Predigten im Advent (1748)
Bourn, Samuel, II (1689-1754)
A Vindication of the Principles and Practice of Protestant Dissenters, etc (J. Robinson, 1748)
Brainerd, David (1718-1747)
An abridgment of mr. David Brainerd's Journal among the Indians. Or, The rise and progress of a remarkable work of grace, ed. Philip Doddridge (1748)
Brakel, Wilhelmus à (1635-1711)  en nl
Logikē latreia, 16th ed., vol. 2 (de wed: Hendrik vanden Aak, 1748)
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