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Jonas, Justus (1493-1555)
Der Briefwechsel (Halle : O. Hendel)
Vol. 1 (1884)
Vol. 2 (1884) IA 
Knapp, Georg Christian (1753-1825)
Beiträge zur Lebensgeschichte August Gottlieb Spangenbergs (Verlag der Buchhandlung des Waisenhauses, 1884)
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm (1646-1716)  en de
Die Werke von Leibniz gemäss seinem hanschriftlichen Nachlasse in der Königlichen Bibliothek zu Hannover (Klindworth)
Vol. 11 (1884)
Lessius, Leonardus, S.J. (1554-1623)  en
Les noms divins (Paris : Impr. Gauthier-Villars, 1884)
Mayhew, Experience (c.1674-1759)
Observations on the Indian language, ed. John Samuel Hill Fogg (Press of D. Clapp & Son, 1884)
Observations on the Indian Language, ed. John Samuel Hill Fogg (Press of D. Clapp & Son, 1884)
Nashe, Thomas (1567-1601)
The complete works of Thomas Nashe, ed., with intr., notes etc. by A.B. Grosart, ed. Alexander Balloch Grosart ()
Vol. 3 (1884)
Vol. 4 (1884) GB 
Vol. 5 (1884) GB 
The Complete Works of Thomas Nashe: Christ's teares ouer Ierusalem, 1593 (private circulation only, 1884)
The Complete Works of Thomas Nashe: Haue with you to Saffron-Waldon, 1596. Terrors of the night, 1594, ed. Alexander Balloch Grosart (private circulation only, 1884)
The Complete Works of Thomas Nashe: Memorial-introduction. I. Biographical. Anatomie of absurditie, 1589. Martin-Mar-prelate tractates, 1589, ed. Alexander Balloch Grosart
ed. Alexander Balloch Grosart (private circulation only, 1884)GB 
The Complete Works of Thomas Nashe...: Haue with you to Saffron-Walden. Terrors of the night. 1594-1596, ed. Alexander Balloch Grosart (1884)
Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio, S.J. (1595-1658)
The difference between temporal and eternal (Dublin : Duffy, 1884)
Overall, John (1559-1619)  en
The convocation book of M DC VI. commonly called Bishop Overall's convocation book, concerning the government of God's catholic church and the kingdoms of the whole world (Oxford : J. H. Parker, 1884)
Owen, John (1616-1683)  en
Air diomhaireachd ghlormhoir pearsa Criosd : maille ri gliocas, agus gradh, agus cumhachd neo-Chriochnach Dhe 'na dhealbhadh agus 'na chomh-shuidheachadh ([Inverness] : Clo-bhuailte do'n eadar-theangair, 1884)
Pearson, John (1613-1686)
An analysis of the Exposition of the Creed written by the Right Rev. Father in God, John Pearson; compiled, with some additional matter occasionally interspersed, for the use of the students of Bishop's College, Calcutta (Cambridge : Univ. Press, 1884)
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