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Jurieu, Pierre (1637-1713)  en fr
The Pastoral Letters of the Incomparable Jurieu, Directed to the Protestants in France Groaning Under the Babylonish Tyranny, Translated: Wherein the Sophistical Arguments and Unexpressible Cruelties Made Use of by the Papists for the Making Converts are Laid Open and Expos'd to Just Abhorrence ... (T. Fabian ... and J. Hindmarsh, 1689)
The Reflections of the Reverend and Learned Monsieur Jurieu, Upon the Strange and Miraculous Exstasies of Isabel Vincent, the Shepherdess of Saov in Dauphiné ...: To which is Added a Letter of a Gentleman in Dauphiné ... (London : Richard Baldwin, 1689)
Religion des Jésuites ou reflexions du père Menestrier et sur les escrits du père le Tellier contre la dix-neuvième observation de l'esprit de Mr. Arnaud
La Haye, 1689BSB 
La religion des jésuites, ou réflexions sur les inscriptions du P. Menestrier et sur les écrits du P. le Tellier (1689)
La religion des Jesuites, ou Reflexions sur les inscriptions du pere Menestrier, & sur l'escrits du pere le Tellier pour les nouveaux chretiens de la Chine & des Indes, contre la dixneuvieme observation de l'Esprit de mr. Arnaud, .. (Abraham Troyel marchand libraire dans la Grand Sale de la Cour, 1689)
La religion des jesuites, ou Reflexions sur les inscriptions du pére Menestrier, & sur les escrits du pére Le Tellier pour les nouveaux chretiens de la Chine & des Indes, contre la dixneuviéme observation de l'Esprit de Mr. Arnaud. Dans lesquelles on trouvera la défense de l'Esprit de Mr. Arnaud ... (1689)
Les soupirs de la France esclave qui aspire après la liberté
Les soupirs de la France esclave, qui aspire aprés la liberté (Amsterdam, aux dépens d'Etienne Roger : M.DC.XCVIII, 1689)
Keach, Benjamin (1640-1704)  en
Antichrist stormed, or, Mystery Babylon the great whore, and great city, proved to be the present Church of Rome wherein all objections are fully answered : to which is added, the time of the end, or a clear explanation of Scripture prophecies, with the judgment of divers learned men concerning the final ruine of the Romish Church, that it will be in this present age : together with an account of the two witnesses, who they are, with their killing, resurrection & ascention : also an examination and confutation of what Mr. Jurieu hath lately written concerning the effusion of the vials ... : likewise a brief review of D. Tho. Goodwins exposition of the 11th chapter of the Revelations, concerning the witnesses, and of that street in which they should lie slain, proving it to be meant of Great Brittain : and a brief collection of divers strange prophecies, some very antient (London : Nath. Crouch ..., 1689)
Distressed Sion relieved, or, The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness wherein are discovered the grand causes of the churches trouble and misery under the late dismal dispensation : with a compleat history of, and lamentation for those renowned worthies that fell in England by popish rage and cruelty, from the year 1680 to 1688 ... (London : Nath. Crouch ..., 1689)
Gold refin'd, or, Baptism in its primitive purity proving baptism in water an holy institution of Jesus Christ ... : wherein it is clearly evinced that baptism ... is immersion, or dipping the whole body, &c : also that believers are only the true subjects (and not infants) of that holy sacrament : likewise Mr. Smythies arguments for infant-baptism in his late book entitled, The non-communicant ... fully answered (London : author, and are to be sold by Nathaniel Crouch ..., 1689)
Gold refined, or, Baptism in its primitive purity : proving baptism in water an holy institution of Jesus Christ, and to continue in the church to the end of the world .. (London : Author, 1689)
Ken, Thomas (1637-1711)  en
Lacrymae Ecclesiae Anglicanae: Or, A Serious and Passionate Address of the Church of England, to Her Sons, Especially Those of the Clergy ... (publisher not identified, 1689)
Lacrymæ ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, or, A serious and passionate address of the Church of England, to her sons especially those of the clergy. (1689)
Knollys, Hanserd (c.1599-1691)
An exposition of the whole book of the Revelation. Wherein the visions and prophecies of Christ are opened and expounded; shewing the great conquests of our Lord Jesus Christ for his church over all his and her adversaries, pagan, Arian and papal; and the glorious state of the church of God in the new heavens and new earth, in these latter days
London : W. Marshall, 1689DTS 
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