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Gataker, Thomas (1574-1654)  en
Thomas Gataker B.D. his vindication of the annotations by him published upon these words, Thus saith the Lord, learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signes of heaven, for the heathen are dismayed at them, Jer. 10. 2 against the scurrilous aspersions of that grand imposter Mr. William Lillie : as also against the various expositions of two of his advocates, Mr. John Swan, and another by him cited, but not named : together with the annotations themselvs : wherein the pretended grounds of judiciary astrologie, and the Scripture-proofes produced for it are discussed and refuted. (London : J.L. for Richard Thrayle ..., 1653)
Gauden, John (c.1600-1662)  en
Hieraspistes : a defence by way of apology for the ministry and ministers of the Church of England: humbly presented to the consciences of all those that excell in virtue (London : Andrew Crooke, 1653)
Hieraspistes: A Defence by Way of Apology for the Ministry and Ministers of the Church of England ([London] : Crooke, 1653)
Geluwe, Arnold van (1604-1675)
Den klyf-hamer der waerheydt, om te vermorselen het tweede leugenachtigh comediants-thoneel, op een nieuvv op-gherecht door Sigismundus Limmer (de weduwe van Jan Cnobbaert, 1653)
Den rampsalighen val vanden afgodt Dagon door de tegenvvoordigheyt van d'Arcke des Heeren in ghelijckenisse ghestelt door dese korte vvederlegginghe vanden Ghereformeerden Heydelbergschen Catechismus ...
de weduwe van Ian Cnobbaert, 1653GB 
Gerhard, Johann Ernst, Sr (1621-1668)  de
De Consiliario Exercitatio / quam Praeside Johanne Ernesto Gerhardo, D. Et Prof. Publ. publicae disquisitioni submitit M. Joh. Fridericus Gerhardus, ad d. 14. Decembr. MDCLIII. In Auditorio Maiori (Ienae : Sengenwaldus, 1653)
Gernler, Lucas (1625-1675)
De amicitia (Augusta Rauracorum : Deckerus, 1653)
Glass, Salomon (1593-1656)  en de
Philologiae sacrae, qua totius sacrosanctae Veteris et Novi Testamenti scripturae, tum stylus et literatura, tum sensus et genuinae interpretationis ratio expenditur,... autore Salomone Glassio,... (1653)
Philologiae sacrae: qua totius sacrosanctae Veteris et Novi Testamenti scripturae : tum stylus et literatura, tum sensus et genuinae interpretationis ratio expenditur, libri quinque (1653)
Golius, Theophilus (1528-1600)
Epitome doctrinae moralis (Argentoratum, 1653)
Epitome Doctrinae Moralis : Ex Decem Libris Ethicorum Aristotelis ad Nicomachum collecta .... Adiectus Est Ad Calcem Aureus Eiusdem Aristoteis Libellus peri aretōn kai kakiōn ... / Interprete Symone Gryneo (Argentorati : Städel, 1653)
Epitome doctrinae moralis ex decem libris Ethicorum Aristotelis ad Nicomachum collecta... per Theophilum Golium. : Adjectus est ad calcem aureus eiusdem Aristotelis libellus... de virtutibus et vitiis: Interprete Symone Gryneo. (Argentorati : Typis Josiae Stodelii, 1653)
Gomarus, Franciscus (1563-1641)  en nl
Locorum communium theologicorum epitome (Apud Joannem Janssonium, 1653)
Locorum communium theologicorum, epitome (Amsterdam : Janssonius, 1653)
Goodman, Godfrey (1583-1656)  en
The two great mysteries of Christian religion the ineffable Trinity, [the] vvonderful incarnation, explicated to the satisfaction of mans own naturall reason, and according to the grounds of philosophy (London : J. Flesher, 1653)
Goodwin, John (c.1594-1665)  en
The apologist condemned: or, A vindication of the Thirty queries (together with their author) concerning the power of the civil magistrate in matters of religion.:By way of answer to a scurrilous pamphlet, published (as it seems) by some poposalist, under the mock-title of An apologie for Mr John Goodwin. Together with a brief touch upon another pamphlet, intituled, Mr J. Goodwin's queries questioned. By the author of the said Thirty queries. (London : J.M. for Henry Cripps and Lodowick Lloyd, and are to be sold at their shop in Popes-head Alley, 1653)
An exposition of the nineth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans: wherein by the tenor and carriage of the contents of the said chapter, from first to last, is plainly shewed and proved, that the Apostles scope therein, is to assert and maintain his great doctrine of justification by faith, and that here he discourseth nothing at all concerning any personal election or reprobation of men, from eternity (London : John Macock for Henry Cripps and Lodowick Lloyd, 1653)
Philadelphia: or, XL. queries peaceably and inoffensively propounded for the discovery of truth in this question, or case of conscience;:whether persons baptized (as themselves call baptism) after a profession of faith, may, or may not, lawfully, and with good conscience, hold communion with such churches, who judg themselves truly baptized, though in infancy, and before such a profession? Together with some few brief touches about infant, and after-baptism. By J.G. a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. (London : J.M. for Henry Cripps, and Lodowick Lloyd, and are to be sold at their shop in Popes-head Alley, 1653)
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