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Schotanus, Meinardus (1593-1644)
Systema concionum, quibus doctrina Christiana praxis fidei et veræ religionis traditur, accommodatarum omnibus fere per annum occasionibus peculiaribus (Franekerae : J.F. Deuring, 1640)
Systema concionvm quibus doctrina Christiana, praxis fidei et veræ religionis traditur ... (impensis Ioannis Fabiani Devring ... Typis Idzardi Alberti, 1640)
Sedgwick, Obadiah (c.1600-1658)  en
Christ's counsell to his languishing Church of Sardis. Or, the dying or decaying Christian, etc (1640)
Selden, John (1584-1654)  en
De iure naturali et gentium iuxta disciplinam Ebraeorum libri VII
Londinium, 1640BSB 
De jure naturali & gentium, juxta disciplinam ebraeorum, libri septem (Londini : Richardus Bishopius, 1640)
De Jure naturali & Gentium, juxta Disciplinam Ebraeorum, Libri Septem ... (Richardus Bishopius, 1640)
Serra, Marcus, O.P. (-1647)
Summae commentariorum in primam partem S. Thomae (Valentiae : ex typographia Syluestri Esparta)
Vol. 2 (1640)
Sherlock, Paul, S.J. (1595-1646)
Anteloquia Cogitationum In Salomonis Canticorum Canticum, historia simul & Conciionatoria, vol. 3 (Prost, 1640)
Anteloquia Cogitationum in Salomonis Canticorum canticum: historica simul [et] concionatoria : volumen primum, ed. Jacques Prost ((Lyon)), Pierre Prost ((Lyon)) (sumpt. Iacobi [et] Petr. Prost, 1640)
Sibbes, Richard (c.1577-1635)  en
Evangelicall sacrifices. In xix. sermons. I. Thankfull commemorations for Gods mercy in our great deliverance from the papists powder-plot. 2. The successefull seeker. 3. Faith triumphant. 4. Speciall preparations to fit us for our latter end in foure funerall sermons. 5. The faithfull covenanter. 6. The demand of a good conscience. 7. The sword of the wicked. By the late learned and reverend divine, Rich. Sibbs. Doctor in Divinity, Mr. of Katherine Hall in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher to the honourable society of Grayes-Inne. The third tome. Published and perused by D. Sibbs owne appointment, subscribed with his hand to prevent imperfect copies after his decease. (London : T[homas] B[adger and Elizabeth Purslowe] for N. Bourne, at the Royall Exchange, and R. Harford, at the guilt Bible in Queenes-head Alley in Pater-noster-Row, 1640)
The spirituall favorite at the throne of grace. By the late learned, and reverend divine Richard Sibbs Doctor in Divinity. Published by the authors owne appointment, subscribed with his hand; to prevent unperfect copies. (London : Thomas Paine, for Ralph Mabb, 1640)
Slatius, Heinrich (1580-1623)
Den gepredestineerden dief, ofte een t'Samen-sprekinge, ghehouden tusschen een Predicant, der Calvinus-ghesinde ende een Dief, die ghesententieert was om, te sterven [door Henricus Slatius] (Berentsma : Barent Adriaensz, 1640)
Smart, Peter (1569-1652)  en
A sermon preached in the cathedrall church of Durham, Iuly, 7. 1628. By Peter Smart. ([London] : [by Bernard Alsop and Thomas Fawcet], in the yeare, 1640)
Sorel, Charles (c.1582-1674)
La solitude et l'amour philosophique de Cléomede (1640)
La Solitude et l'amour philosophique de Cléomède, premier sujet des Exercices moraux de M. Ch. Sorel (A. de Sommaville, 1640)
Spang, William (c.1607-1664)
Brevis et fidelis narratio motuum in regno & Ecclesia Scotica, per Irenæum Philalethen, vol. 1 (1640)
Brevis narratio motuum regno et ecclesia excerpta ex scriptis utriusque partis scitu dignissimis (1640)
Steuber, Johannes (1590-1643)  de
Exegesis dicti 1 Jo. V,7. Tres sunt, qui testimonium perhibent in coelo ... (Marpurgi, 1640)
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