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Regius, Henricus (1589-1679)  nl
Fundamenta physices
Amsterdam : apud Ludovicum Elzevirium, 1646UU 
Richardson, Samuel (fl.1643-1658)
Certain questions propounded to the assembly, to answer by the Scriptures whether corporall punishments may be inflicted upon such as hold errours in religion. (London, 1646)
Rivet, André (1572-1651)  en fr
Grotianae Discussionis Dialysis. Sive Vindiciae Apologetici sui, pro vera pace Ecclesiae, contra subdolos Mediatores
Leers, 1646GB 
Roterodami : Leers, 1646BSB 
Sermon prononcé en l'Eglise françoise de la Haye [...] à l'ouverture des exercises du nouveau temple ([for] J. du Pré, 1646)
Rivière, Lazarus (1589-1655)
Observationes medicae et curationes insignes; quibus acc. observationes ab aliis communicatae. - Parisiis, Piquet 1646, vol. 1 (Piquet, 1646)
Observationes medicae et curationes insignes: Quibus accesserunt, observationes ab aliis communicatae, vol. 1 (Flesher, 1646)
Röber, Paul (1587-1651)  de
Disputatio theologica de Godeschalci erroribus olim damnatis, Deum non velle omnes homines salvos fieri nec Christum pro omnibus sanguinem fudisse (Witebergae : Röhner, 1646)
Roberts, Francis (1609-1675)  en
A broken spirit, God's sacrifices. Or, The gratefulnesse of a broken spirit unto God. Represented in a sermon, before the right Honourable House of Peeres, in K. Henry the Seventh's chappell in the Abbey Westminster, upon Wednesday Decemb. 9. 1646. Being a day of publike humiliation for removing of the great judgment of rain and waters then upon the kingdome, &c. (London : George Calvert, of Austins parish, in the Old-Change, at the signe of the Golden Fleece., 1646)
Rohan, Henri (1579-1638)
Veritable discours de ce qui s'est passé en l'assemblée politique des eglises reformées de France, tenuë à Saumur par la permission du Roy, l'an 1611. Servant de supplement aux memoires du duc de Rohan. (1646)
Rutherford, Samuel (1600-1661)  en
The divine right of church-government and excommunication: or a peacable dispute for the perfection of the holy scripture in point of ceremonies and church government;: in which the removal of the Service-book is justifi'd, the six books of Tho: Erastus against excommunication are briefly examin'd; with a vindication of that eminent divine Theod: Beza against the aspersions of Erastus, the arguments of Mr. William Pryn, Rich: Hooker, Dr. Morton, Dr. Jackson, Dr. John Forbes, and the doctors of Aberdeen; touching will-worship, ceremonies, imagery, idolatry, things indifferent, an ambulatory government; the due and just powers of the magistrate in matters of religion, and the arguments of Mr. Pryn, in so far as they side with Erastus, are modestly discussed. To which is added, a brief tractate of scandal ... (London : John Field for Christopher Meredith at the Crane in Pauls Church-yard, 1646)
The divine right of church-government and excommunication: or a peaceable dispute for the perfection of the holy scripture in point of ceremonies and church-government; in which the removal of the service-book is justifi'd ... To which is added, a brief tractate of scandal; with an answer to the ... (London : John Field for Christopher Meredith, 1646)
Saavedra Fajardo, Diego de (1584-1648)
Corona gothica, castellana y austriaca: politicamente ilustrada : parte primera ... (Juan Jansonio, 1646)
Sagittarius, Johann Christfried (1617-1689)
Quaestionum historico-philologicarum prima, qua quaeritur: An noster Salvator cum totius Collegii Hierosolymitani consensu in numerum sacerdotum Leviticorum adsumtus? (Sengenwald-Freyschmid, 1646)
Sagittarius, Johannes (fl.1646-1651)
Quaestio philol. quanta sit Patrum in iis, quae fidei non sunt, autoritas? / added author(s): Johann Christfried Sagittarius
Jenae : Litteris Sengwaldo-Freyschmidianis, 1646GB 
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