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Pufendorf, Samuel (1632-1694)  en de
Les Devoirs De L'Homme, Et Du Citoien, Tels qu'ils lui sont prescrits par La Loi Naturelle / 2
Amsterdam, 1718BSB 
Pyle, Thomas (1674-1756)  en
A Vindication of the Lord Bishop of Bangor: Wherein is Considered the True Notion of Religious Sincerity, as Available to the Salvation of Men, and of Church Authority with Respect to the Distinctions Between Real, Mere, and Absolute Authority; in Answer to the Exceptions of Mr. Law; in a Letter ..., 2nd ed. (John Wyat at the Rose in St. Paul's church-yard, 1718)
A vindication of the Lord Bishop of Bangor: Wherein is considered the true notion of religious sincerity, as available to the salvation of men; and of church authority, with respect to the distinctions between real, mere, and absolute authority. In answer to the exceptions of Mr. Law. In a ... (John Wyat, at the Rose in St. Paul's Church-yard., 1718)
Quesnel, Pasquier (1634-1719)  en
Das Neue Testament unsers Herrn Jesu Christi (Franckfurth am Mayn, 1718)
Plainte et protestation de P. Quesnel contre la condamnation dess 101 propositions, 3rd ed. (1718)
Ramazzini, Bernardino (1633-1714)
Bernardini Ramazzini ... Opera omnia medica & physiologica, ed. Paul Vaillant ((Londres)), Isaac Vaillant ((Londres)) (apud Paulum & Isaacum Vaillant, 1718)
Opera omnia medica & physiologica, 3rd ed. (apud Paulum & Isaacum Vaillant, 1718)
Rapin, René, S.J. (1621-1687)
Animadversiones historico-criticæ in philosophiam naturalem, trans-naturalem, & sanum usum philosophiæ idomate olim Gallico à R.P. Renato Rapino S.J. editæ, nunc Latino donatæ, et honoribus reverendissimorum, illustrissimorum admodum reverendorum ac perillustrium dominorum, dominorum in ... (tyips Ignatii Dominici Voigt, 1718)
Ray, John (1627-1707)  en
Philosophical Letters Between the Late Learned Mr. Ray and Several of His Correspondents, Natives and Foreigners. To which are Added Those of Francis Willughby ... Publ. by W. Derham (Innys, 1718)
Philosophical Letters Between the Late Learned Mr. Ray and Several of His Ingenious Correspondents, Natives and Foreigners: To which are Added Those of Francis Willughby Esq, ed. William Derham (W. and J. Innys, 1718)
Reinbeck, Johann Gustav (1683-1741)  de
Eine kurtze Erörterung Des Haupt-Inhalts der heiligen Offenbahrung St. Johannis, An statt des Sechszehenden, Siebzehenden und Achtzehenden Beytrages Der Freywilligen Heb-Opffer, Zur Prüfung übergeben (Berlin : Rüdiger, 1718)
Reuter, Christian (1675-1744)
De eo quod theologice sanctum et iustum est circa tempus pentecostale (Ernestus, 1718)
De Synaxibus Sacrorum Causa Institutis (Ernestus, 1718)
Typus Doctrinæ Et Theologiæ Moralis : Thesibus quibusdam Dispositus atque In publicis disputandi exercitationibus per semestre spatium Illustratus a D. Christiano Reuter, Theol. Prof. P. & Past. Servest. Anno. R. S. MDCCXVIII. (Servestæ : Ernestus, 1718)
Rodolph, Johann Rudolph (1646-1718)  de
Lehr- u. Trostreiche Predigten von Buss, Glaube u. Wandel der Christen (Bern, 1718)
Rohault, Jacques (1618-1672)  en fr
Physica: latine vertit (1718)
Physica: Latinè vertit, recensuit, & adnotationibus ex illustrissimi Isaaci Newtoni philosophia maximam partem haustis, amplificavit & ornavit Samuel Clarke (impensis J. Knapton, 1718)
Rösler, Johann Eberhard (1668-1733)
Diss. mor. de imperio parentum in liberos (1718)
Rous, Francis (1579-1658)
The Great Oracle: Or, the Main Frame and Body of the Scriptures, Resolving the Question, Whether in Man's Free Will and Common Grace, Or in God's Special and Effectual Grace, Stands the Safety of Man, and the Glory of God by Man's Safety?. (London, 1718)
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