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Suicerus, Johann Caspar (1620-1684)
Symbolum Niceno-Constantinopolitanum expositum, et ex antiquitate ecclesiastica illustratum
Trajecti ad Rhenum : Guilielmus Broedelet, 1718IA 
Tarnow, Johann (1586-1629)
Dissertatio philologica de inscriptionibus sacris, sive poesi biblica, in libris IMT̋ certis notis, quas accentus metricos nominant, proposita (Rostochium : Schwiegerovius, 1718)
Taylor, Nathaniel (-1702)
Two brief discourses : one concerning infant baptism; and the other concerning the children of holy parents (London : R. Ford, 1718)
Thomasius, Christian (1655-1728)  en de
Christ. Thomasii, IC. Pot. Reg. Pruss. Consil. Intimi ... Delineatio Historiae Iuris : Olim Cum Fr. Hotomani Antitriboniano Edita, Nunc in Usum Studiosae Iuventutis Seorsim Recusa. (Halae Magdeburgicae : Henckel, 1718)
Fundamenta iuris naturae et gentium: ex sensu communi deducta (1718)
Fundamenta juris naturae et gentium ex sensu communi deducta
Salfeld, 1718GB 
Fundamenta Juris Naturæ Et Gentium Ex Sensu Communi Deducta : In Quibus Ubique Secernuntur Principia Honesti, Justi Ac Decori, Cum Adjuncta Emendatione Ad Ista Fundamenta Institutionum Jurisprudentiæ Divinæ / [Christianus Thomasius], vol. 2 (Halæ & Lipsiæ : Salfeld, 1718)
Tindal, Matthew (1653-1733)  en
An Account of a manuscript entitul'd Destruction the certain consequence of division ... written at the desire of Robert Walpole ... with aspersions on the author of The defection etc (London : J. Roberts in Warwick-lane, 1718)
The Defection detected, or, Faults laid on the right side : in answer to a certain anonymous pamphlet called The defection considered, etc (London : J. Peters near Westminster, 1718)
Toland, John (1670-1722)
Nazarenus, or, Jewish, gentile, and Mahometan Christianity : containing the history of the antient Gospel of Barnabas, and the modern Gospel of the Mahometans ... also the original plan of Christianity explain'd in the history of the Nazarens ... with the relation of an Irish manuscript of the four Gospels, as likewise a summary of the antient Irish Christianity (London : J. Brotherton, J. Roberts and A. Dodd, 1718)
Nazarenus: or, Jewish, gentile, and Mahometan Christianity: Containing the history of the antient Gospel of Barnabas, and the modern Gospel of the Mahometans, attributed to the same Apostle: this last Gospel being now first made known among Christians. Also, the original plan of Christianity ... (Printed: and sold by J. Brown without Temple-Bar, J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane, and J. Brotherton at the Black Bull in Cornhill., 1718)
Reasons against repealing the Occasional, and Test Acts, and admitting the Dissenters to places of trust and power : occasion'd by reading the 6th chap. of a pamphlet called, The state-anatomy of Great Britain : to which is added, An answer to the most material arguments brought by the Dissenters and their friends for their admission into offices (London : H.P. for J. Morphew, 1718)
Treuer, Gottlieb Samuel (1683-1743)
Dissertatio Philosophica Inauguralis De Compendiaria Eruditione (Helmstadii, 1718)
Trew, Abdias (1597-1669)  de
Summa geometricae practicae (Endter, 1718)
Trommius, Abraham (1633-1719)
“Abrahami Trommii ”Concordantiae graecae versionis vulgo dictae LXX interpretum ... opere Kircheriano factum fuerat. Leguntur hic praeterea voces graecae pro Hebraicis redditae ... in lucem edidit domnus Bernardus de Montfaucon /.
sumptibus Societatis, 1718GB 
Abrahami Trommii Concordantiae graecae versionis vulgo dictae LXX interpretum, vol. 1 (sumptibus Societatis, 1718)
Abrahami Trommii Concordantiae graecae versionis vulgo dictae LXX interpretum... (sumptibus Societatis, 1718)
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