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Wernsdorf, Gottlieb (1668-1729)  de
Arndtianos De Vero Christianismo Libros, 3rd ed. (Vittembergae, 1726)
Lecturis Salutem Plurimam Dicit Eosdemque Ad Audiendam Orationem Inauguralem Amplissimi Honorum Theologicorum Candidati Crastino Die Ab Hora IX. In Auditorio ... Invitat Gottlieb Wernsdorfius Theol. Doctor ... Decanus (VVittenbergae, 1726)
Whiston, William (1667-1752)
Of the Thundering Legion (1726)
Of the thundering legion: or, of the miraculous deliverance of Marcus Antoninus and his army, upon the prayers of the Christians. As also, of Alexander the Great's meeting the High-priest of the Jews at Jerusalem. Occasion'd by Mr. Moyler's works ... By William Whiston, ... (J. Senex; W. and J. Innys; J. Osborn and T. Longman, 1726)
Wietrowsky, Maximilianus, S.J. (1660-1737)
Historia de gestis praecipuis in pontificatu S. Gregorii magni in compendium reducta et tomis duobus comprehensa, a P. Maximiliano Wietrowsky,... (typis C. J. Hraba, 1726)
Historia De Gestis Praecipuis In Pontificatu S. Gregorii Magni: In Compendium Reducta, Et Tomis Duobus Comprehensa, vol. 2 (Hraba, 1726)
Willard, Samuel (1640-1707)  en
A compleat body of divinity in two hundred and fifty expository lectures on the assembly's shorter catechism : wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are unfolded, their truth confirm'd, their excellence display'd, their usefulness improv'd, contrary errors & vices refuted & expos'd, objections answer'd, controversies settled, cases of conscience resolv'd; and a great light thereby reflected on the present age (Boston : B. Green and S. Kneeland for B. Eliot and D. Henchman ..., 1726)
Woken, Franz (1685-1734)  de
Observationum critico-biblicarum fasciculus (1726)
Woodward, John (1665-1728)
The Natural History of the Earth: Illustrated, Enlarged, and Defended. Written Originally in Latin: and Now First Made English by Benj. Holloway. To which are Added, Physical Proofs of the Existence of God, His Actual Incessant Concurrence to the Support of the Universe, and of All Organical ..., trans. Benjamin Holloway (Tho. Edlin, 1726)
Woolston, Thomas (bap.1668-1733)  en
A Defence of the Miracle of the Thundering Legion, Against a Dissertation of Walter Moyle, Esq By Thomas Woolston... (Author, and Sold, 1726)
Wright, Samuel (1683-1746)
A Treatise on the Deceitfulness of Sin; and Its Leading Men to Hardness of Heart; with the Means Appointed to Prevent Both Its Hardning and Deceiving. In Three Parts. By S. Wright, vol. 1 (John Clark and Richard Hett; and Emanuel Matthews, 1726)
Zeltner, Gustav Georg (1672-1738)
Dissertatio Philologico-Theologica De Choreis Veterum Hebraeorum
Kohlesius, 1726GB 
Ziegler, Kaspar (1621-1690)  de
Dicastice Sive De Jvdicvm Officio Et Delictis Tractatvs Moralis: In Qvo Tota Jvdicis Conscientia Excvtitur (Ludwig, 1726)
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