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Binsfeld, Peter (1545-1598)
Enrichidion theologiae moralis (P. Compagon, 1665)
Blake, Thomas (c.1596-1657)  en
Living truths in dying times : some meditations occasioned by the present judgement of the plague (London, 1665)
Böhme, Jakob (1575-1624)  en
Forty questions of the soul : concerning its original essence, substance, nature or quality, and property : what it is from eternity to eternity ([London] : L. Lloyd at the Castle in Cornhil, 1665)
Bonagratia de Habsheim, O.F.M. Cap. (-1672)
Additamenta summulae selectarum quaestionum regularium quas in specialem usum FF. Capucinorum ordinis Minorum S. P. Francisci collegit F. Bona Gratia habsensis alsata Franciscanus Capucinus (typis Theodori Meyer, 1665)
Disceptatio de Matrimoniis haereticorum proposita & resoluta a F. Bonagratia Habsensi... (1665)
Quaestio Cur hodie religiosi à religione catholica deficiant ? resoluta a Reverendo Patre F. Bonagratia Habsensi... (1665)
Summula selectarum quaestionum regularium quas in specialem usum FF. Capucinorum ordinis Minorum S. P. Francisci collegit, emendauit porro & auxit... F. Bonagratia Habsensis Alsata... (typis Theodori Meyer, 1665)
Boxhorn, Marcus Zuerius van (1612-1653)
Institutionum Politicarum Libri Duo : Accessit Explanatio ab eodem auctore profecta, nunc ab interitu vindicata / Conscripti a Marco Zuerio Boxhornio (Lipsiae : Wittigau, 1665)
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)  en
Experimenta ... de Coloribus (1665)
Experimenta Et Considerationes De Coloribus: ... ceu Initium Historiae Experimentalis De Coloribus (Herringman, 1665)
Some motives and incentives to the love of God: pathetically discours'd of in a letter to a friend (London : H. Herringman, 1665)
Boyle, Roger (1617-1687)
Inquisitio in fidem Christianorum hujus sæculi. Authore Rogero Boyle, S.T.D. Dec. Corc. (Dublinii : typis Johan. Crook, typographi regii, & veneunt apud Samuel. Dancer, 1665)
Breckling, Friedrich (1629-1711)
Prüffung der heutigen Quacker Collegianten Socinianer Zwickerschen Felgenhaurischen und aller andern Geister Ob sie aus Gott sind oder nicht / Gestellet durch Fridericum Brecklingium ; Nebst angehengtem Sendschreiben darinn angezeiget wird Wie ein getreuer Prediger Christum aller Menschen Licht Heyl Seligkeit und Leben seinen Zuhörern recht könne ins Hertz predigen ... / Durch ... Christian Redlich verfertigt ([Amsterdam], 1665)
Breton, Raymond, O.P. (1609-1679)  en
Dictionaire Caraibe-François, Meslé de quantité de Remarques historiques pour l'esclaircissement de la Langue (Gilles Bouquet, 1665)
Dictionnaire caraibe-françois : meslé de quantité de Remarques historiques pour l'eclaircissement de la Langue (Auxerre : Bouquet, 1665)
Dictionnaire caraibe-françois: meslé de quantité de Remarques historiques pour l'eclaircissement de la Langue (Bouquet, 1665)
Brown of Wamphray, John (c.1610-1679)
An apologeticall relation of the particular sufferings of the faithfull ministers & professours of the Church of Scotland, since August, 1660 wherein severall questions, usefull for the time, are discussed : the King's preroragative over parliaments & people soberly enquired into, the lawfulness of defensive war cleared, the by a well wisher to the good old cause. (Edinburgh?, 1665)
Brownrigg, Ralph (1592-1659)  en
Fourty sermons by the Right Reverend Father in God, Ralph Brownrig, late Lord Bishop of Exceter (London : E. Cotes, for John Martyn, and James Allestry, 1665)
Bruno, Jacob (1594-1654)
Speculum prudentiae moralis Aristotelicae, h. e. Institutiones ethicae ex libris moralibus Aristotelicis desumtae (Altdorf : Johann Göbel, 1665)
Bruyn, Johannes de (1620-1675)
Getrouwe en naader openinge van het discours, voorgevallen tusschen den heer professor Johannes de Bruyn en Laurentius Homma (Jac. Van Doeyenburch, 1665)
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