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Adiutus, Josephus (1602-1668)  de
Oratio De Potestate Romani Episcopi Josephi Adiuti a Ninive sacrae Theologiae Doctoris : In Auditorio Maiori ... Wittenbergensis Academiae solenniter habita Pridie Calend. Decembris Anno 1646. (Wittebergae : Röhnerus, 1646)
Oratio Revocatoria Josephi Adiuti, ... quondam in Ordine Minorum Conventualium S. Francisci, frater Hugo Maria ...: In Auditorio Maiori ... Wittebergensis Academiae ... declamata d. XXIII. Octobris anno Christi MDCXLIII. In qua ostendit Romanam Ecclesiam & erroneam esse in doctrina, & turpem in moribus. Adiicitur porro de Iustificatione, causis sui discessus, B. Luthero, & Wittebergensi Urbe aliquid verborum (Wittebergae : Röhnerus, 1643)
Serenissimo Et Celsissimo Principi Ac Domino: Domino Augusto, Duci Brunsvicensi & Luneburgensi ... Speculum Hoc De Hodiernorum Monachorum Votis offert, dicat, consecrat Josephus Adiutus ...
Wittebergae : Michael Wendt, 1650HAB 
Wittebergae : Wendt, 1650SBB 
Aemilius, Antonius (1589-1660)
Antonii Aemilii Dissertatio Politica, Ad Cap. V. Annal. II. Taciti, De Maximis Momentis Rei Maritimae In Nostra Rep. : Ad S.P.Q. Batavvm: Recitata In Illustri Academiâ Vltrajectinâ, VI. Eidus Octobreis. M.D.C.XLIII (Traiecti ad Rhenvm : Strick, 1643)
Orationes, quarum pleræque tractant argumentum politicum. Accedunt nonnulla ejusdem in utraque lingua poëmatia Antonius Aemilius (1651)
Aeneas of Gaza (-c.518)  en
De immortalitate animae, et mortalitate universi (Gerlach & Beckenstein, 1655)
De immortalitate animae, et mortalitate universi, ex rec ensione et cum animadversionibus Casparis Barthii, equitis (1655)
Agricola, Rodolph (1443-1485)  en nl
Aphthonii sophistae Progymnasmata / partim a Rodolpho Agricola, partim a Joanne Maria Catanaeo latinitate donata ; cum... scholiis Reinhardi Lorichij Hadamarii..., trans. Rudolf Agricola, Giovanni Maria Cattaneo (Rothomagi : apud J. Le Boullenger, 1643)
Agrippa of Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius (1486-1535)
De incertitudine et vanitate omnium scientiarum & artium liber, lectu plane jucundus & elegans: et De Nobilitate & praecellentia faeminel sexus, ejusdemque supra Virilem eminentia libellus, lectu etiam jucundissimuss
Hagae-Comitum : Adriani Vlacq, 1653GB 
De nobilitate et praecellentia Foeminei sexus, ejusdemque supra virilem eminentia... (Hagae-Comitum : Adriani Vlacq, 1653)
Ainsworth, Henry (1569-1622)  en
The art of logick; or, The entire body of logick in English. Unfolding to the meanest capacity the way to dispute well, and to refute all fallacies whatsoever. The second edition, corrected and amended. By Zachary Coke of Grays-Inn, Gent. (London : John Streater, and are to be sold by the book-sellers of London, 1657)
Covnterpoyson considerations touching the poynts in difference between the godly ministers and people of the Church of England, and the seduced brethren of the separation : argvments that the best assemblies of the present church of England are true visible churches : that the preachers in the best assemblies of Engl. are true ministers of Christ : Mr. Bernards book intituled The Separatists Schisme : Mr Crashawes questions propounded in his sermon preached at the crosse (London, 1642)
The orthodox foundation of religion long since collected by that iudicious and elegant man, Mr. Henry Ainsworth, for the benefit of his private company, and now divulged for the publike good of all that desire to know that Cornerstone, Christ Jesus crucified (London : R.C. for M. Sparke, Junior ..., 1641)
A seasonable discourse; or, A censure upon a dialogue of the Anabaptists, intitvled, A description of what God hath predestinated concerning man; is tryed and examined, wherein these seven points are handled & answered, viz. 1. Of predestination. 2. Of election. 3. Of Reprobation. 4. Of falling away. 5. Of freewill. 6. Of originall sinne. 7. Of baptizing infants .. (London : Benjamin Allen, 1644)
Ainsworth, William (fl.1652-)
Medulla bibliorum, the marrow of the Bible; or, A logico-theological analysis of every several book of the Holy Scripture, together with so many English poems, containing the kephalaia, or contents, of every several chapter in every such book.
London : George Calvert, 1652GB 
Alan of Lille (c.1128-1202)  en fr
Opera moralia, paraenetica et polemica, ed. Charles de Visch (Antverpiae : Lesteenius & Gymnicus, 1654)
Alard, Wilhelm (1572-1645)  de
Das dritte gülden a. B. C. der fürnembsten lehr- und trostreichsten Namen Jesu Christi, unsers Heylandes : in Xx Predigten erkläret und außgeleget (Leipzig : Grosse, 1640)
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