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Beckmann, Friedrich (-1667)
Disputatio Inauguralis Theologica, De Regimine Ecclesiastico (Francof. ad Oderam : Becmanus, 1661)
Behm, Johann (1578-1648)
Discussio biblico-historica de epocha annorum Graecorum, quorum mentio fit in libris Maccabaeorum ... (Regiomonti, 1661)
Berckringer, Daniel (1598-1667)
Danielis Berckringeri Dissertatio de quaternario Pythagorico, habita Ultrajecti, in templi majoris choro, 7. Kal. Majas, cum virtute et doctrina ornatissimis candidatis Johanni Gribio Brunissa-Zelando, Christiano Melder, Ultraject., Nicolao Shepheard, Roterod., Nicolao à Lith, Amstelo-Batavo ... (ex officina Jacobi à Doeyenburgh, 1661)
Bernard, Richard (bap.1568-1642)  en
The anatomie of the common prayer-book : wherein is remonstrated the unlawfulness of it, and that by five several arguments, namely, from the name of it, the rise, the matter, the manner, and the evil effects of it (1661) [Also attributed to John Bernard]
Bisterfeld, Johann Heinrich (1605-1655)  de
Bisterfeldius Redivivus: seu Operum Joh. Henrici Bisterfeldii Magni Theologi ac Philosophi, Posthumorum (Den Haag : A. Vlacq)
Vol. 1 (1661)
Vol. 2 (1661) BNF 
Blondel, David (1591-1655)
Davidis Blondelli de iure plebis in regimine ecclesiastico dissertatio (Haga, 1661)
A treatise of the sibyls, : so highly celebrated, as well by the antient heathens, as the Holy Fathers of the church ... (London : T. R. for the authour, 1661)
Bochart, Samuel (1599-1667)
Response de Monsieur Bochart, ministre à Caen, à la lettre de Monsieur de LaBarre, Jesuite (1661)
Böhme, Jakob (1575-1624)  en
Trost Schrifft Von Vier Complexionen. Das ist Unterweisung in Zeit der Anfechtung für ein stäts trauriges angefochtenes Hertz : Wovon Traurigkeit natürlich urstände und komme wie die Anfechtung geschehe: Neben seinen Trost-Sprüchen ; Angefochtenen Hertzen und Seelen fast nützlich / Auff Begehren geschrieben im Martio Anno 1624. Durch Jacob Böhmen, Sonst Teutonicum Philosophum (Amsterdam : Henricus Betkius, 1661)
Borrull, Matthias (1615-1689)
Tractatus de voluntate Dei (Lyon : Huguetan and Ravaud, 1661)
Bos, Lambert van den (1620-1698)
Britannias of Herstelde Majesteyt : Helden-dicht (Dortrecht, 1661)
Botsac, Johann (1600-1674)  de
Anabaptismus reprobatus ...
Lübeck, 1661BSB 
Boyd, Robert (1578-1627)  en
Roberti Bodii a Trochoregia Scoti ... In epistolam Pauli apostoli ad Ephesios praelectiones supra CC. Lectione varia multifaria eruditione, & pietate singulari ... passim interseruntur locorum communium...Accesserunt indices quatuor locupletissimi .. (typis & Sumptibus Samuelis Chouët, 1661)
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)  en
The sceptical chymist or, Chymico-physical doubts & paradoxes : touching the spagyrist's principles commonly call'd hypostatical, as they are wont to be propos'd and defended by the generality of alchymists. Whereunto is praemis'd part of another discourse relating to the same subject (London : J. Cadwell for J. Crooke ..., 1661)
Brabourne, Theophilus (1590-1662)  en
An appendix to my humble petition, lately presented to the most honourable courts of Parliament wherein I did but lightly touch upon the point of consecration: now because as I conceive, the Kings supremacy is therein denied, I humbly crave leave further to clear up this point. (London, 1661)
An humble petition unto the high and most honourable Courts of Parliament, that they would be pleased to condiseend [sic] to the perusing of these short notes, tending to the refining of the Booke of Common-Prayer, in a few things. (London, 1661)
Breckling, Friedrich (1629-1711)
Tribunal conscientiae: D.i.: Verforderung aller Menschen für den Richterstuel ihres Gewissens (1661)
Brownrigg, Ralph (1592-1659)  en
Fourty sermons by the Right Reverend Father in God, Ralph Brownrig, late Lord Bishop of Exceter (London : T. Roycroft, 1661)
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