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Bontekoe, Cornelis (1645-1687)
Alle de philosophische, medicinale en chymische werken (Jan ten Hoorn)
Vol. 1 (1689)
Vol. 2 (1689) GB 
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)  en
Nouveau traité de Monsieur Boyle de l'Académie royale de Londres, sur la convenance des remèdes spécifiques avec la phil sophie des corpuscules et sur l'usage et les propriétés des medicamens simples. De la traduc tion de Mr Rostagny de la société royale de Paris,... medecin... de... Madame de ... (Jean Certe, 1689)
Nouveau traité de Monsieur Boyle sur la convenance des remèdes spécifiques de la philosophie des corpuscules, & sur l'usage & les propriétés des médicamens simples / de la traduction de Mr Rostagny, de la Société royale de Paris,..., trans. Jean de Rostagny (Lyon : Jean Certe, 1689)
Brakel, Wilhelmus à (1635-1711)  en nl
Een brief aen de ed. Heer J.C. van Bleyswijk [...] tot antwoord op sijn tractaat, Mose als een God over Aaron (Reynier van Doesburg, 1689)
Brancati, Lorenzo, O.F.M. Conv. (1612-1693)
Epitome canonum omnium qui in conciliis generalibus, ac provincialibus... continentur. Authore F. Laurentio Brancato de Laureae... Editio tertia... (Ep. ded. J. B. Tramontini ad B. Comandi) (Apud Ioannem Baptistam Tramontino, 1689)
Breithaupt, Joachim Just (1658-1732)  de
Exercitatio Theologica De Juramentis (Hertzius, 1689)
Buchanan, George (1506-1582)
De jure regni apud Scotos, or, A dialogue concerning the due priviledge of government in the kingdom of Scotland betwixt George Buchanan and Thomas Maitland (London : Baldwin, 1689)
Buddeus, Johann Franz (1667-1729)  en de
Diss. ... de ritibus ecclesiae Latinae Judaicis (1689)
Dissertatio Philologica De Allegoriis Origenis (Wittebergae : Henckelius, 1689)
Exercitatio philosophica de instrumento morali (Wittebergae, 1689)
Bunyan, John (1628-1688)
The acceptable sacrifice, or, The excellency of a broken heart shewing the nature, signs and proper effects of a contrite spirit (London : and are to be sold by George Larkin ..., 1689)
The Jerusalem-sinner saved, or, Good news for the vilest of men being a help for despairing souls, shewing that Jesus Christ would have mercy in the first place offered to the biggest sinners (London : and are to be sold by George Larkin, 1689)
Burgersdijck, Franco (1590-1635)  en nl
Logicae institutiones (apud Guilielmum vande Water, 1689)
Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)  en
A Collection of eighteen papers relating to the affairs of church and state during the reign of King James II. (London, 1689)
A collection of eighteen papers, relating to the affairs of church & state, during the reign of King James the Second. (Seventeen whereof written in Holland, and first printed there.) (London : ReJ. Starkey and R. Chiswell, 1689)
Des Gilbert Burnets Dankpredigt
Een Predikatie, gepredikt in de Capel van St. James, voor Zijn Hoogheidt den Prins van Orangie, den 23 December, 1688 (de Weduwe van Steven Swart, 1689)
Fourteen papers, viz. I. A letter from a gentleman in Ireland, to his friend in London, upon occasion of a pamphlet, entituled, A vindication of the present government of Ireland, under His Excellency Richard, Earl of Tyrconnel. II. A letter from a freeholder, to the rest of the freeholders of England, and all others, who have votes in the choice of Parliament-men. III. An enquiry into the reasons for abrogating the test imposed on all members of Parliament. Offered by Sa. Oxon. IV. Reflections on a late pamphlet, entituled, Parliamentum pacificum. Licensed by the Earl of Sunderland, and printed at London in March, 1688. V. A letter to a dissenter, upon occasion of His Majesties late gracious Declaration of indulgence. VI. The anatomy of an equivalent. VII. A letter from a clergy-man in the city, to his friend in the country, containing his reasons for not reading the Declaration. VIII. An answer to the city minister's letter, from his country friend. IX. A letter to a dissenter from h (London : and are to be sold by R. Baldwin, 1689)
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