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Carleton, George (c.1557-1628)  en
A true and genuine history of the two last wars against France and Spain : in which the genius, weakness, pride and barbarity of the latter, during the author's being prisoner of war amongst them, are particularly remarked, for the service of those who are employed in the present war between Great Britain and that nation ... (London : Francis Gosling..., 1741)
Carpov, Jakob (1699-1768)
De Stamine Humanitatis Christi Disquisitio Theologico-Philosophica: Qvam Ad Illvstrandam Doctrinam De Conceptione Christi In Virgine Abstrvsissiman. Pars Altera : Qvam Ad Tvendam Et Illvstrandam Sententiam De Origine Animae Optimi Salvatoris Sanctissimae. 2 (Melchior, 1741)
De variis Deum cognoscendi modis dissertatio (Mumbach, 1741)
Carpzov, Johann Gottlob (1679-1767)  en de
Introductio ad libros historicos Bibliorum Veteris Testamenti, praecognita critica et historica, ac autoritatis vindicias exponens, ed. Frideric Lanckisch ((Herederos de)) (sumptibus haeredum Lankisianorum, 1741)
Cave, William (1637-1713)  en
Guilielmi Cave ... Scriptorum eccleriasticorum historia literaria: a Christo nato usque ad saecunlum XIV ... digesta ... : accedunt scriptores gentiles, christianae religionis oppugnatores ... (apud Joh. Rudolph Im-Hoff, 1741)
Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum historia literaria, a Christo nato usque ad saeculum XIV. facili methodo digesta / 1 (Basileae : Im-Hoff, 1741)
Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum historia literaria, a Christo nato usque ad saeculum XIV. facili methodo digesta: Qua, De Vita Illorum Ac Rebus Gestis ... agitur; Accedunt Scriptores Gentiles, Christianae Religionis Oppugnatores ... : additur ad Finem cujusque Saeculi Conciliorum omnium, tum ... (Im-Hoff, 1741)
Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum Historia Literaria... (Joh. Rudolph. Im-Hoff, 1741)
Chambers, Ephraim (c.1680-1740)
Cyclopaedia, Or an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences... by Ephraïm Chambers, vol. 1 (1741)
Chandler, Samuel (1693-1766)  en
A vindication of the history of the Old Testament : in answer to the misrepresentations and calumnies of Thomas Morgan, M.D. and moral philosopher .. (London : J. Noon, at the White-Hart, 1741)
A Vindication of the History of the Old Testament, in Answer to the Misrepresentations and Calumnies of Thomas Morgan, M. D. (J. Noon, 1741)
A Vindication of the History of the Old Testament,: In Answer to the Misrepresentations and Calumnies of Thomas Morgan, M. D. and Moral Philosopher..
J. Noon, at the White-Hart, Cheapside, R. Hett, at the Bible and Crown, and J. Davidson at the Angel, both in the Poultry., 1741GB 
Chapman, John (1704-1784)
Eusebius, or the true christian defense against a late book entituled the Moral philosopher, vol. 2 (1741)
Chauncy, Charles (1705-1787)  en
Joy, the duty of survivors, on the death of pious friends and relatives : a funeral discourse on the death of Mrs. Lucy Waldo, the amiable consort of Mr. Samuel Waldo, merchant in Boston, who departed this life August 7th, 1741, in the 38th year of her age (Boston : S. Kneeland and T. Green, 1741)
Cheyne, George (1671-1743)
Georgii Cheynaei De natura fibrae, ejusque laxae: sive resolutae morbis tractatus (G. Cavelier, 1741)
Georgii Cheynaei,... de Natura fibrae,... tractatus... (1741)
Chladni, Johann Martin (1710-1759)
De Sententiis Et Libris Sententiosis (Langenhemius, 1741)
Chrysostom, John (-407)
Homélies sur tout l'Évangile de S. Jean: et des exhortations où les principales règles de la vie & de la morale chrétienne sont excellemment expliquées, vol. 2 (Estienne, 1741)
Chubb, Thomas (1679-1747)
A Discourse on Miracles, Considered as Evidences to Prove the Divine Original of a Revelation. ... To which is Added, An, Appendix, Containing an Enquiry Into this Question, Viz. Whether the Doctrines of a Future State of Existence to Men, and a Future Retribution, Were Plainly and Clearly ... (T. Cox, 1741)
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