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Crisp, Stephen (1628-1692)
[ Quaker ]
Memoirs of the life of Stephen Crisp: with selections from his works (W. Alexander snd Son, 1824)
Cudworth, Ralph (1617-1688)  en
Sistema intellettuale dell'universo compendiato e tradotto in lingua italiana dal marchese Luigi Benedetti, vol. 5 (Pietro Bizzoni, 1824)
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
The rise and progress of religion in the soul (T. Tegg, 1824)
Drelincourt, Charles (1595-1669)  en fr
The Christian's consolations against the fears of death, with seasonable directions how to prepare ourselves to die well. ...: To which is prefixed, the life of the author ... (Davis & M'Carty, 1824)
The Christian's consolations against the fears of death: with seasonable directions how to prepare ourselves to die well (Davis & M'Carty, 1824)
Dwight, Timothy (1752-1817)
Theology, explained and defended in a series of sermons, vol. 5 (1824)
Fearn, John (1768-1837)
Anti-Tooke: or an Analysis of the principles and Structure of Languague exemplifiad in the english Tongue (1824)
Fénelon, François (1651-1715)
Oeuvres diverses de Fénelon : Dialogues sur l'éloquence ; Discours pour le sacre de l'électeur de Cologne ; Sermon sur la vocation des gentils ; Examen de conscience sur les devoirs de la royauté ; Aventures d'Aristonoüs ; Lettre à l'Académie française, etc., etc. (Paris : Lefèvre, 1824)
Flavel, John (c.1630-1691)  en
Divine conduct; or, The mystery of Providence (Ellerton & Henderson, Printers, 1824)
Husbandry spiritualized: or, The heavenly use of earthly things, in which husbandmen are directed to an excellent improvement of their common employments. Whereunto are added, occasional meditations upon birds, beasts, trees, flowers, etc. Also, The touchstone of sincerity; and, Extracts from A ... (J.A. Boswell, 1824)
Fléchier, Esprit (1632-1710)
Histoire de Théodose le Grand, pour M.gr le Dauphin (Chambeau, 1824)
Recueil des oraisons funèbres prononcées (Périsse frères, 1824)
Foxe, John (c.1516-1587)  en
An universal history of Christian martyrdom : being a complete and authentic account of the lives, suffering, and triumphant deaths of the primitive as well as protestant martyrs ... and popish persecution (London : [by J.G. Barnard] for Sherwood, Jones, and Co., 1824, 1824)
Fuller, Andrew (1754-1815)
The Works of the Rev. Andrew Fuller, vol. 2 (Converse, 1824)
The works of the Rev. Andrew Fuller, vol. 3 (S. Converse, 1824)
Genovesi, Antonio (1713-1769)  
Lezioni di Commercio o sia di Economia civile / 1. = 277. (1824) (Milano, 1824)
Gronovius, Jacob (1645-1716)
Harpocrationis Lexicon cum annotationibus interpretum lectionibusque librI Ms. Vratislaviensis Praefatio--- (Hartmanni, 1824)
Guthrie, James (c.1612-1661)
A cry from the dead : consisting of the justly celebrated Mr James Guthrie's last sermon, preached at Stirling, before his martyrdom at Edinburgh, in June, 1661, with his last speech on the scaffold, and ten considerations anent the decay of religion, from 1650 to 1660 (Stirling : Journal Office, by C. Munro & Co., 1824)
Hale, Matthew (1609-1676)  en
M. Hale's leven en brieven aan zijne kinderen, benevens de verantwoording eens christens wegens zijn gehouden rentmeesterschap (G.T.N. Suringar, 1824)
Halyburton, Thomas (1674-1712)
Memoirs of ... T. H. ... Second edition corrected Edited by Mrs. Janet Halyburton (1824)
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