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Calov, Abraham (1612-1686)  de en
Theologia naturalis et revelata secundum tenorem Augustanaeconfessionis, quinque libris adserta ... (Sumptibus haeredum Hallervordianorum & Joachimi Wildens Timotheus Ritzsch, 1646)
Case, Thomas (bap.1598-1682)  en
Deliverance-obstruction: or, the set-backs of Reformation. Discovered in a sermon before the right honourable the House of Peers, in Parliament now assembled. Upon the monthly fast, March 25, 1646 (London : Ruth Raworth, for Luke Fawne, 1646)
Caussin, Nicolas (1583-1651)
La cour saincte: contenant des vies et ?eloges des personnes illustres qui ont est?e adjoust?ees et inser?ees dans l'ordre nouveau de la dernilere ?edition. Selon L'Ordre Ancien, Contenat Les Vies Et Eloges des personnes Illustres qui ont est?e adioust?ees & inser?ees dans l'ordre ..., vol. 5 (1646)
Cheynell, Francis (1608-1665)  en
A plot for the good of posterity.: Communicated in a sermon to the Honorable House of Commons for the sanctifying of the monthly fast. March 25. 1646. (London : Samuel Gellibrand, and are to be sold at his shop at the Brasen Serpent in Pauls Church-yard, 1646)
Church of Scotland
The principall acts of the Generall Assembly, conveened at Edinburgh upon the first VVednesday of June, being the third of that moneth, in the yeer 1646 (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler ..., 1646)
Cleynaerts, Nicolaes (c.1493-1542)
Epitome graecorum praeceptorum, In duas diuisa Partes... Desumpta ex Clenardo, Antesignano, Gretsero, Moquoto, et aliis. Ad vsum Collegij Lugdunensis (Apud Viduam Ludouici Muguet, 1646)
Coccejus, Johannes (1603-1669)  en nl
Disputatio de justificatione hominis peccatoris coram Deo (Franekerae, 1646)
Psalmi Davidis 150. Hebraeus textus ... cum versione Johannis Cocceji (Franekerae : Idzardus Albertus, 1646)
Psalmi Davidis hebraice (I. Alberti & J. Arcerii, 1646)
Comenius, Johann Amos (1592-1670)  en
Io. A. Comenii. Vestibvlvm Lingvae Latinae & Dictionarivm Vestibvlare, Cum interpretatione Gallica. Itemque Grammatica Vestibvlaris Gallice versa Omnia nunc primum in Galliae typis excripta (Apud Olivarivm De Varennes, viâ Iacobea, sub Vase aureo, 1646)
Coninck, Gilles de, S.J. (1571-1633)
Quodlibeta (Lovanium, 1646)
Cothmann, Johann (1595-1650)
Disputatio Theologica Inauguralis De Praesentia Corporis Et Sanguinis Domini Nostri Jesu Christi In Sanctissima Eucharistia (Rostochi[i] : Kilius, 1646)
Fundamentum Christianismi circa doctrinam praedestinationis ... (Hallervord., 1646)
Cottière, Matthieu (1619-1646)
De Hellenistis, & Lingua Hellenistica, Exercitationes secundariae / Auctore Matthaeo Cotterio ... ([Straßburg] : Typis Rihelianis, 1646)
Cotton, John (1585-1652)  en
A conference Mr. John Cotton held at Boston with the elders of New-England 1. concerning gracious conditions in the soule before faith, 2. evidencing justification by sanctification, 3. touching the active power of faith : twelve reasons against stinted forms of prayer and praise : together with the difference between the Christian and antichristian church (London : J. Dawson, and are to be sold [by] Fr. Eglesfield ..., 1646)
Milk for Babes. Drawn Out of the Breasts of Both Testaments. Chiefly, for the Spirituall Nourishment of Boston Babes in Either England: But May Be of Like Use for Any Children, ed. Paul Royster [Electronic Texts in American Studies] (London : J. Coe, for Henry Overton, 1646)
Cranford, James (c.1602-1657)  en
Haereseo-machia, or, the mischiefe which heresies doe, and the means to prevent it. : Delivered in a sermon in Pauls, before the Right, Honourable, the Lord Maior, and the Aldermen of the famous citie of London, February the first, MDCXLV. ... (London : James Young for Charles Green, and are to be sold at the signe of the Gun in Ivie-lane, 1646)
Haereseo-machia: or, The mischiefe which heresies doe, and the means to prevent it. Delivered in a sermon in Pauls, before the Right Honourable, the Lord maior, and the aldermen of ... London, February the first, M. DC. XLV. And now printed, for the satisfaction of the hearers, and others (James Young for Charles Green, 1646)
Crashaw, Richard (c.1612-1648)  en
Steps to the temple sacred poems, with other delights of the muses (London : T.W. for Humphrey Moseley, and are to be sold at his shop ..., 1646)
Dannhauer, Johann Conrad (1603-1666)  en de
Catechismus Milch Oder Der Erklärung deß Christlichen Catechismi, vol. 3 (Straßburg : Johann Friedrich Spoor, 1646)
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