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Döderlein, Christian Albert (1714-1789)  de
D. Christian Albrecht Doederleins ... feyerliche Rede von den hohen Vorzügen der biblischen Theologie vor der scholastischen
Gkrunert, 1758GB 
Dodwell, William (1709-1785)
The False Witness Reproved. A Sermon Preached at St. Mary's in Oxford, at the Assizes, ... on Friday, March 3. 1758. By William Dodwell, ... (Theatre for James Fletcher; and sold by J. Rivington and J. Fletcher, London, 1758)
Dyche, Thomas (-c.1722)
Dictionnaire universel des arts et des sciences, françois, latin et anglois,: contenant le signification des mots de ces trois langues & des termes propres de chaque etat & profession, ..., vol. 1 (Amsterdam : Jean Neaulme, libraire., 1758) [A-K]
Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758)  en
The Great Christian doctrine of original sin defended, evidences of it's truth produced, and arguments to the contrary answered : containing, in particular, a reply to the objections and arguings of Dr. John Taylor, in his book, intitled, The Scripture doctrine of original sin proposed to free and candid examination, 1st ed.
1st ed. / Boston : S. Kneeland, 1758IA 
Erskine, Ralph (1685-1752)  en nl
Paraphrase, or, large explicatory poem upon the Song of Solomon : wherein the mutual love of Christ and His church, contained in that Old Testament song, is imitated in the language of the New-Testament, and adapted to the Gospel-dispensation (London : Edward Dilly, 1758)
Fassonus, Liberatus (1720-1775)
De Graeca sacrarum litterarum editione a 70. cognominata intepretibus dissertatio auctore Liberato Fassoni
ex Typographia Joannis Zempel apud Montem Jordanum, 1758GB 
De græca sacrarum litterarum editione a LXX cognominata interpretibus dissertatio ... Editio altera. Few MS. notes (1758)
De Sacrarum litterarum editione a 70 cognominata interpretibus dissertatio (Roma, 1758)
Fléchier, Esprit (1632-1710)
Esprit Fleschier Bischof zu Nimes Lobrede : darinnen er die Verehrung verstorbener Heiligen rechtfertiget, die Art sie gebührend in Predigten zu loben lehret: und von denen Fehlern die dabey nicht selten, begangen werden, abmahnet : Als eine Vorrede zu seinen Lobreden aus dem Französischen übersetzt nach der Lyoner Ausgage 1718 (Freystadt : Hebold, 1758)
Fleming, Caleb (1698-1779)
Natural and revealed religion at variance : a curious controversy between the Bishop of London and Dr. Thomas Sherlock : found in the fourth volume of several discourses preached at the Temple-Church by the late master of the Temple .. (London : W. Fenner, 1758)
Natural and revealed religion at variance: a curious controversy between the Bishop of London, and Dr. Thomas Sherlock, found in the fourth volume of several discourses preached at the Temple-church, by the late Master of the Temple (W. Fenner; and C. Henderson, 1758)
A survey of the search after souls, by dr. Coward, dr. S. Clarke, mr. Baxter, dr. Sykes, dr. Law, mr. Peckard and others (1758)
Fontenelle, Bernard le Bovier de (1657-1757)
Oeuvres de monsieur de Fontenelle (B. Brunet)
Vol. 6 (1758)
Vol. 8 (1758) GB 
Geleerde werelt, Boekzael
Maendelyke uittreksels, of Boekzaal der geleerde werelt, vol. 87 (Amsterdam : Gerard onder de Linden, 1758)
Gerbert, Martin (1720-1793)
De recto et perverso usu theologicæ scholasticæ ; De ratione exercitiorum scholasticorum: præcipue disputationum cum inter catholicos, tum contra hæriticos in rebus fidei (Litteris San-Blasianis, 1758)
Principia theologiae canonicae quoad exteriorem ecclesiae formam et gubernationem (Typis: S. Blasii., 1758)
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