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Luzac, Élie (1723-1796)
Lettres sur les dangers de changer la constitution primitive d'un gouvernement public. (etc.). (na, 1792)
Lyndsay, Sir David (1490-1555)
Scotish poems, reprinted from scarce editions ... with three pieces before unpublished (London : J. Nichols)
Vol. 2 (1792)
Vol. 3 (1792) IA 
Maclaurin, John (1693-1754)
Glorying in the cross of Christ: A sermon on Galatians vi. 14. By the Rev. John M'Laurin (printed in the year M DCC XCII. Sold by Faulder; Mathews; Deighton; and Dilly, 1792)
Massillon, Jean Baptiste (1663-1742)
Memoires de la minorit℗e de Louis XV. (Paris : Buisson, 1792)
McEwen, William (1735-1762)
Grace and truth: or, The glory and fulness of the Redeemer displayed, in an attempt to explain, illustrate, and enforce the most remarkable types, figures, and allegories of the Old Testament (John Gray and Gavin Alston, 1792)
Michaelis, Johann David (1717-1791)
Joannis Davidis Michaelis. Supplementa ad Lexica Hebraica (typis Joannis Georgii Rosenbusch, 1792)
Opstraet, Jan (1651-1720)
Dissertatio theologica de praxi administrandi sacramentum Poenitentiae ...
ex Typographia Balleoniana, 1792GB 
Owen, John (1616-1683)  en
The Death of death in the death of Christ : being a treatise of the redemption and reconciliation that is in the blood of Christ ; wherein the whole controversy about universal redemption is fully discussed : in four parts (Carlisle, (Pennsylvania) : George Kline, 1792)
The death of death in the death of Christ. Being a treatise of the redemption and reconciliation that is in the blood of Christ; wherein the whole controversy about universal redemption, is fully discussed: in four parts. By John Owen, D.D (Carlisle, (Pennsylvania) : George Kline, 1792)
Meditations and discourses of the Glory of Christ, in his person, office and grace; with the differences between faith and sight ... Whereunto is annexed a second part, being the application of the foregoing meditations, etc (1792)
Of communion with God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: (each person distinctly) in love, grace, and consolation: or, the Saints fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, unfolded (W. and E. Miller, and sold at their shop, Saltmarket., 1792)
Two Discourses concerning the Holy Spirit and his Work. The one of the Spirit as a Comforter. The other, as He is the Author of Spiritual Gifts. Edited by N. Mather (W. Miller, 1792)
Paine, Thomas (1737-1806)
An Abridgment of the first and second parts of the Rights of Man (Benevolent Society, 1792)
The Genuine Trial of Thomas Paine, for a Libel Contained in the Second Part of Rights of Man;: At Guildhall, London, Dec. 18, 1792, Before Lord Kenyon and a Special Jury: : Together with the Speeches at Large of the Attorney-General and Mr. Erskine, and Authentic Copies of Mr. Paine's Letters to ... (J.S. Jordan, No. 166, Fleet Street, 1792)
A Letter addressed to the addressers on the late proclamation By Thomas Paine... (The booksellers, 1792)
Letter Addressed to the Addressers, on the Late Proclamation (H.D. Symonds, ... and Thomas Clio Rickman, 1792)
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