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Amort, Eusebius (1692-1775)
Eusebii Amort Canonici Regularis Lateranensis ad SS. Salvatorem in Polling S.S. Theologiae Professoris & Bibliothecarii Judicia De Wolfiana Philosophia Et Logica Et De Leibnitiana Physica S. Monadologia (Francofurti Et Lipsiae, 1747)
Instructio Ordinandorum, Ad Usum Dioecesis Augustanae (Augustae Vindelicorum, 1746)
Nova demonstratio de falsitate revelationum Agredanarum (1751)
Vetus Disciplina Canonicorum Regularium & Saecularium: Ex Documentis magna parte hucusque ineditis a temporibus Apostolicis usque ad Saeculum XVII : Critice, & Moraliter Expensa ; opus in duos tomos tributum quorum ordinem pagina post praefationem indicabit, vol. 1 (Recurti, 1747)
Vetus disciplina canonicorum regularium & sæcularium ex documentis magna parte hucusque ineditis a temporibus apostolicis usque ad sæculum xvii, critice, & moraliter expensa
Annet, Peter (1693-1769)
Deism fairly stated, and fully vindicated from the gross imputations and groundless calumnies of modern believers: Wherein some of the principal reasons contained in Dr. Benson's answer to Christianity not founded on argument are fully considered, and proved to be far from conclusive (W. Webb, near St. Paul's, 1746)
The free correspondent :, vol. 1 (London : E. Anson, 1752)
Remarks on a book entitled Deism fairly stated, and fully vindicated, &c., in a letter to the author ...: wherein it is proved, upon the author's own principles, that his undertaking is irrational, immoral, and unjust (W. Willock, 1746)
The resurrection defenders stript of all defence ..
London : author; and sold at pamphlet shops, 1745IA 
London : author; and sold at pamphlet shops ..., 1745IA 
The sequel of the resurrection of Jesus considered in answer to the Sequel to the trial [sic] of the witnesses (London : R. Rose, 1749)
Social bliss considered : in marriage and divorce; cohabiting unmarried, and public whoring : containing things necessary to be known by all that seek mutual felicity, and are ripe for the enjoyment of it; with the speech of Miss Polly Baker; and notes thereon (London : and sold by R. Rose, 1749)
Supernaturals examined: in four dissertations on three treatises: viz. I. On the observations of the history and evidence of the resurrection of Christ ... II. and III. on miracles and prophecies, shewing the impossibility of the one, and the falsity of the other ... IV. On the defence of the peculiar institutions and doctrines of Christianity (London : F. Page, 1750) [Date uncertain]
Anton, Paul (1661-1730)  de
Diss. ... de ebulo, eiusque usu medico (Erfordia, 1745)
Araujo, Francisco de, O.P. (1580-1664)  en
Variae et selectae decisiones morales, ad statum ecclesiasticum et civilem pertinentes (apud Allobrogum, 1745)
Arbuthnot, John (1667-1735)
The Miscellaneous Works of the Late Dr. Arbuthnot (James Carlile)
Vol. 1 (1751)
Vol. 2 (1751) GB 
Archdekin, Richard, S.J. (1620-1693)  en
Theologia Tripartita Universa : Complectens nunc Bibliothecam perfectam Viri Ecclesiastici ... (Krakamp, 1744)
Arnauld, Antoine (1612-1694)  fr en
Justification des prétendus Jansenistes, ou Phantôme du Jansenisme: contre un ecrit intitulé Prejugés legitimes contre le Jansenisme (Dépens de la Compagnie, 1744)
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