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Allestree, Richard (c.1621-1681)  en
The lively oracles given to us. Or The Christians birth-right and duty, in the custody and use of the holy Scripture (Oxford : At the Theater, 1678)
The lively oracles given to us. Or the Christians birth-right and duty, in the custody and use of the Holy Scripture. By the author of the Whole duty of man, &c.: ([Oxford] : At the Theater in Oxford, 1678. And are to be sold by William Leak at the Crown in Fleet-street, Lond[on], 1678)
Scala sancta: or The exaltation of the soul. Being a train of pious thoughts, compleating the whole duty of man: or, Devotions compiled by R.A. Gent. in his solitudes. (London : T. Snowden, for Gabr. Kunholt, and are to be sold at his shop at the post-office over against the Muse, at the sign of the King's-Head, 1678)
Allinga, Petrus (1658-1692)
Epistolae duae responsoriae ad ... Joh. Voet, vol. 1 (ex typ. Arn. Doude, 1677)
Mantissa ad duodecim erotematum decades, .. (ap Corn. Noenard, 1679)
Responsio brevis ad quatuor interrogata, vol. 1 (ex typogr. Arn. Doude, 1677)
Van de voldoeninge Jesu Christi tegen de Socinianen: zijnde voor aen gevoegt een breede en zedige aenspraek aen den leeser : tot herstelling van de oude rechtsinnige waerheid, beneeveld en verduisterd door D. Leonardus Ryssenius, in syn tractaet, genaemd De oude rechtsinnige waerheid ..., vol. 1 (Cornelis Jacobsz Noenaert, 1675)
Allix, Pierre (1641-1717)  en fr
Bonnes et saintes pensées pour tous les jours du mois (Quevilly : Jean Lucas, 1677)
Les devoirs du saint ministère: ou Sermon sur les paroles de S. Paul à Tite au chapitre II. v. 7. et 8. : prononcé à Vitry le François le 12. may 1675. en présence du Synode, et pour l'imposition des mains du sieur Droüet ministre à Epense (Charenton : Olivier de Varennes, demeurant au Palais dans la Salle Royale, au Vase d'or, 1676)
Dissertatio de Tertulliani vita et scriptis (1678)
Les malheurs de l'impénitence ou Sermon sur les paroles du I. chap. du livre des Proverbes aux vers. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28: prononcé à Charenton le 28. décembre 1675, jour de jeûne (Olivier de Varennes, demeurant au Palais dans la Salle Royale, au Vase d'or, 1676)
Les maximes du vray chrétien
A. Cellier, 1678GB 
Charenton : A. Cellier, 1678GB 
Alsop, Vincent (1630-1703)  en
Anti-sozzo, sive, Sherlocismus enervatus in vindication of some great truths opposed, and opposition to some great errors maintained by Mr. William Sherlock. (London : Nathanael Ponder ..., 1676)
Melius inquirendum, or, A sober inquirie into the reasonings of the Serious inquirie wherein the inquirers cavils against the principles, his calumnies against the preachings and practises of the non-conformists are examined, and refelled, and St. Augustine, the synod of Dort and the Articles of the Church of England in the Quinquarticular points, vindicated. (London, 1678)
Altamura, Ambrosius de, O.P. (1608-1677)
Bibliothecae dominicanae, ab admodum R.P.M. F. Ambrosio de Altamura, accuratis collectionibus, primo ab ordinis constitutione, usque ad annum 1600. productae hoc seculari apparatu incrementum, ac prosecutio
Romae : typis & Sumptibus Nicolai Angeli Tinassij, 1677GB 
Alting, Jacob (1618-1679)  en nl
De messia rege ac sacerdote: thesium exegeticarum ex Zach. VI, v. 9--15 pars prima (typis Remberti Huysman, 1675)
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