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Abicht, Johann Georg (1672-1740)  de en
Wittenbergisches Gesang-Buch : Worinnen Nebst des seeligen Lutheri auch andere Geist-reiche Lieder Welche hieselbst, und in denen benachbarten Orten gesungen werden, zu finden ; Samt denen gewöhnlichen Collecten Kirchen- und andern Gebeten (Wjttenberg : Zimmermann, 1733) / added author(s): Abraham Calov, Kaspar Loescher, Gottlieb Wernsdorf
Bradshaw, William (1571-1618)  en
A proposition. Concerning kneeling in the very act of receiuing howsoever ([London], 1605)
Calvin, Jean (1509-1564)  en fr
A Book of public prayer (New York : Scribner, 1857)
The forme of prayers and ministration of the sacraments : etc. used in the Englishe congregation at Geneva / approved, by the famous and godly learned man, John Calvin (Geneva : Jean Crespin, 1556)
Ratio et Forma publice orandi Deum, atque administrandi Sacramenta (1556)
Church of England
Book of common prayer (London, 1588)
The Booke of common prayer and administration of the sacraments (London : R. Barker, 1610) / added author(s): Thomas Sternhold [With this is bound: The Whole book of Psalmes : collected into English meeter (1612) / by Thomas Sternhold, Iohn Hopkins, and others]
The New week's preparation for a worthy receiving of the Lords Supper : as recommended and appointed by the Church of England, consisting of meditations and prayers for the morning and evening of every day in the week : with forms of examination and confession of sins, and a companion at the altar directing the communicant in his behaviour and devotions at the Lord's table .. (London : assignment from the executors of the late Edw.d Wicksteed for John Hinton, [n.d.]) [Date: 17XX]
Ordinatio ecclesiae : seu ministerii ecclesiastici, in florentissimo Regno Angliæ, conscripta sermone patrio, & in Latinam linguam bona fide conuersa & ad consolationem ecclesiarum Christi, ubicunque locorum ac genitium, his tristissimis [sum]ptoribus, edita, ab Alexandro Alesio Scoto sacrae theologiae doctore, ed. Alexander Alesius
ed. Alexander Alesius (Leipzig : Wolfgang Gunther, 1551) [A translation of the First Book of Edward VI] SLUB 
Church of Scotland
The book of common-prayer, and administration of the sacraments; and other parts of divine service for the use of the Church of Scotland. With a paraphrase of the Psalms in metre by King James the VI. (Edinburgh : James Watson, 1712) / added author(s): James I (King of England) [Reprint of 1637 Edinburgh edition]
The service, discipline and forme of the Common prayers and administration of the sacraments, used in the English Church of Geneva : as it was approved by that most reverend divine, M. Iohn Calvin, and the Church of Scotland / added author(s): Reformed Church of Switzerland
London : William Cooke, 1641IA 
Dathenus, Petrus (c.1531-1588)  en nl
De Psalmen Davids : wt den franchoyschen dichte Nederlantschen ouergeset (1572)
Sachte verbetering der Psalm-rymen Datheni : dat is, De CL. Psalmen Davids, wel-eer door Petrus Dathenus op Nederlantsche rijmen gestelt, ende in de kercken van Nederlandt tot noch toe gebruyckt...Tot dienst der Nederlantsche kercken bereyt ende aen't licht gegeven door Abrahamus Trommius...Geheel met noten gedruckt...vervattende oock de Christelicke Catechismus met de kerckelicke formulieren ende gebeden (Amsterdam : G. Borstius, 1695)
Heshusen, Tilemann (1527-1588)  en de
Postilla. Das ist/ aüßlegung der Sonteglichen Euangelien/ Durchs gantze Jar. Durch D.Tilemanum Heßhusium. Auffs neve mit vleiß vbersehen mit mehren predigten vnd mit schœnen Figuren vnd nuetzlichen Registern vermehret vnd gebessert. (Magdeburg : Paul Donat, 1590)
L'Estrange, Hamon (1605-1660)  en
The alliance of divine offices, exhibiting all the liturgies of the Church of England since the Reformation
Oxford : Parker, 1846IA 
The alliance of divine offices: exhibiting all the liturgies of the Church of England since the Reformation; as also the late Scotch Service-book, with all their respective variations, 2nd ed.
2nd ed. / London : Charles Brome, 1690GB 
3rd ed. / London : Charles Brome, 1699GB 
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