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Gautier, Jean-Antoine (1674-1729)
Histoire de Genève des origines à l'année 1691 (Genève : Rey et Malavallon)
Vol. 4 (1896)
Vol. 5 (1896) IA 
Vol. 6 (1896) IA 
Vol. 7 (1896) IA 
Vol. 8 (1896) IA 
Genève : Société générale d'imprimerie
Vol. 9 (1914) [Table analytique des matières, table alphabétique des noms de personnes, additions et corrections] IA 
Geaves, William (fl.1659-1679)
The history of the Church of Great Britain, from the birth of Our Saviour, untill the year of Our Lord, 1667 : with an exact succession of the bishops and the memorable acts of many of them : together with an addition of all the English cardinals and the several orders of English monks, friars, and nuns in former ages (London : Philip Chetwin, 1674)
Status ecclesiae gallicanae: or The ecclesiastical history of France. From the first plantation of Christianity there, unto this time: describing the most notable church-matters: the several councils holden in France, with their principal canons: the most famous men, and most learned writers, and the books they have written, with many eminent French popes cardinals, prelates, pastours, and lawyers. A description of their universities with their founders. An impartial account of the state of the Reformed churches in France: and the civil wars there for religion: with an exact succession of the French Kings (London : Thomas Passenger, 1676) [Also ascribed to William Gearing]
Gisbert, Jean, S.J.
Vera idea theologiae cum historia ecclesiastica Sociatae sive Quaestiones juris et facti theologicae (apud Sthephanum Michallet, 1689)
Gratianus, Liberius, S.J. (1655-1730)
Historiae controversiarum de divinae gratiae auxiliis sub summis pontificibus Sixto V, Clemente VIII, et Paulo V libri sex (Antwerp : Typis Petri Jacobs, 1705)
Hales, John (1584-1656)  
Golden remains of the ever memorable Mr Iohn Hales of Eton College &c., 1st ed. (London : Tim Garthwait, 1659)
Golden Remains of the ever memorable Mr. John Hales of Eton College, &c. With additions from the author's own copy, sermons and miscellanies, also letters and expresses concerning the Synod of Dort
3rd ed. / London : T.B. for George Pawler, 1688GB 
4th ed. / E. Pawlet, 1711GB 
Historia Concilii Dordraceni
Felginer, 1724GB 
Jennings, David (1691-1762)  en
Jewish antiquities: or, a course of lectures on the three first books of Godwin's Moses and Aaron. To which is annexed a dissertation on the Hebrew language, Part 4, 9th ed., ed. Philip Furneaux (William Baynes and son, 1825)
Junius, Franciscus (1545-1602)  en de
De Justino Martyre apologeta adversus ethnicos (Leiden : H. W. Hazenberg, 1836)
Laërtius, Diogenes (c.200-)
Diogenis Laertij historiographi de philosophorum vita decem perquam secundi libri ad bene beateque vivendorum commotini (Paris : In vico Diui Iacobi sub Pellicani intersignio, ca. 1505)
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