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Church of Scotland
The principall acts of the Generall Assembly, conveened at Edinburgh upon the first VVednesday of June, being the third of that moneth, in the yeer 1646 (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler ..., 1646)
The principall acts of the Generall Assembly, conveened at Edinburgh upon the last VVednesday of May, the 29 of that moneth, in the year 1644 (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler ..., 1644)
The principall acts of the Generall Assembly, conveened occasionally at Edinburgh upon the 22 day of January in the year 1645 (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler ..., 1645)
The principall acts of the solemne Generall Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland : indicted by the Kings Majestie, and conveened at Glasgow the xxi. of November 1638 (Edinburgh : heirs of Andrevv Hart, 1639)
A seasonable and necessary warning and declaration : concerning present and imminent dangers, and concerning duties relating thereto (Edynburgh : Evan Tyler, 1649)
A short declaration to the whole kirk and kingdom concerning present dangers and duties (Edinburgh : Evan Tyler, 1648)
A true Copy of the whole printed Acts of the Generall Assemblies of the Church of Scotland [1638-1649] ([Edinburgh?], 1682)
Congregational Churches in Massachusetts
Propositions concerning the subject of baptism and consociation of churches, collected and confirmed out of the word of God, by a synod of elders and messengers of the churches in Massachusetts-Colony in New England. Assembled at Boston, ... in the year 1662. .. (Cambridge : S. G., 1662)
Council of Trent (1545-1563)  en
Les décrets et canons touchant le mariage , publiez en la huictiesme session du concile de Trente... Item qu'un chascun n'aura d'oresnavant plus qu'un bénéfice... Le tout traduict de latin en françoys par Gabriel Du Préau
trans. Gabriel Prateolus (Paris : J. Macé, 1564)BNF 
trans. Gabriel Prateolus (Paris : N. Roffet, 1564)BNF 
Dutch Reformed Church of America
Ecclesiastical Records, State of New York, ed. Hugh Hastings (Albany : J. B. Lyon)
Vol. 1 (1901) [1621-1680]
Vol. 2 (1901) [1680-1701] GB 
Vol. 3 (1902) [1701-1725] GB 
Vol. 4 (1902) [1725-1750] GB 
Vol. 5 (1905) [1751-1760] GB 
Vol. 6 (1905) [1761-1801] GB 
Vol. 7 (1916) [Index] GB 
Eastern Orthodox Church
The acts and decrees of the Synod of Jerusalem: sometimes called the Council of Bethlehem, holden under Dositheus, Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1672, ed. James Nathaniel William Beauchamp Robertson (London : Thomas Baker, 1899)
German Reformed Churches of Pennsylvania
Minutes and letters of the Coetus of the German reformed congregations in Pennsylvania, 1747-1792: Together with three preliminary reports of Rev. John Philip Boehm, 1734-1744, ed. James Isaac Good, William John Hinke
ed. James Isaac Good, William John Hinke (Philadelphia : Reformed Church Publishing Board, 1903)GB 
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