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Daillé, Jean (1594-1670)  en fr
An apologie for the Reformed churches:wherein is shew'd the necessitie of their separation from the Church of Rome: against those who accuse them of making a schisme in Christendome. By John Daille pastor of the Reformed Church at Paris. Translated out of French. And a preface added; containing the judgement of an university-man, concerning Mr. Knot's last book against Mr. Chillingworth. ([Cambridge] : Th. Buck, printer to the Vniversitie of Cambridge, 1653)
Danforth, Samuel (1626-1674)  en
An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1648: Calculated for the Longitude of 315 Degr. and Elevation of the Pole Arctick 42 Degr. & 30 Min., & May Generally Serve for the Most Part of New-England (Cambridge [Mass.] : M. Day, 1648)
An astronomical description of the late comet or blazing star as it appeared in New-England in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and in the beginning of the 12th moneth, 1664 : together with a brief theological application thereof (Cambridge : Samuel Green, 1665)
An Astronomical Description of the Late Comet or Blazing Star; As it appeared in New-England in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and in the beginning of the 12th Moneth, 1664. Together with a Brief Theological Application thereof, ed. Paul Royster [Electronic Texts in American Studies] (Cambridge [Mass.] : Samuel Green, 1665)
A Brief Recognition of New-Englands Errand into the Wilderness, ed. Paul Royster [Electronic Texts in American Studies] (Cambridge, Mass. : S. G. & M. J., 1670)
A brief recognition of New-Englands errand into the wilderness made in the audience of the General Assembly of the Massachusetts Colony at Boston in N.E. on the 11th of the third moneth, 1670, being the day of election there (Cambridge [Mass.] : S.G. and M.J., 1671)
The Cry of Sodom Enquired Into; Upon Occasion of the Arraignment and Condemnation of Benjamin Goad, for His Prodigious Villany, ed. Paul Royster [Electronic Texts in American Studies] (Cambridge, Mass : Marmaduke Johnson, 1674)
The cry of Sodom enquired into; upon occasion of the arraignment and condemnation of Benjamin Goad, for his prodigious villany. Together with a solemn exhortation to tremble at Gods judgements, and to abandon youthful lusts. S.D. (Cambridge [Mass.] : Marmaduke Johnson, 1674)
Davenant, John (1572-1641)  en
Ad fraternam communionem inter Euangelicas Ecclesias restaurandam adhortatio, in eo fundata, quod non dissentiant in vllo fundamentali Catholicae fidei articulo (Cantabrigiae, 1640)
Ad fraternam communionem intu Evangelicas Ecclesias restaurandam Adhortatio (Cantabrigum, 1640)
Animadversions upon a treatise intitled "Gods love to mankind" (Cambridge : Roger Daniel, 1641)
Animadversions written by the Right Reverend Father in God John, Lord Bishop of Sarisbury, upon a Treatise intitled Gods Love to Mankind [by Samuel Hoard]. (Cambridge : Roger Daniel, 1641)
Determinationes quaestionum quarundam theologicarum
Cantabrigiae : Buck, 1639BSB 
1st ed. / Cantabrigiae : Th. et J. Buck, 1634GB 
2nd ed. / Cantabrigiae : Th. et J. Buck, 1639GB 
Expositio Epistolae D. Pauli Ad Colossenses (Cantabrigiae : Buck, 1639)
Expositio epistolae D. Pauli ad Colossenses
2nd ed. / Cambridge : T. & J. Buck, 1630IA 
3rd ed. / Cambridge : T. Buck, 1639GB 
Praelectiones de duobus in Theologia controversis capitibus de Indice Controversiarum
Cambridge, 1631GB 
Cantabrigum : Acad. typogr., 1631BSB 
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