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Bramhall, John (1594-1663)
The right way to safety after ship-wrack in a sermon preached to the honourable House of Commons, in St. Patrick's Church, Dublin : at their solemn receiving of the blessed sacrament (Dublin : John Crook, 1661)
A sermon preached at Dublin upon the 23 of Aprill, 1661 being the day appointed for His Majesties coronation : with two speeches made in the House of Peers the 11th of May, 1661, when the House of Commons presented their speaker (Dublin : William Bladen, 1661)
The works of the most Reverend Father in God, John Bramhall D. D. late lord archbishop of Ardmagh, [sic] primate and metropolitan of all Ireland (Dublin : Benjamin Tooke, printer to the king's most excellent majesty, 1677)
Browne, Thomas (1605-1682)  en
The works of Sir Thomas Browne. Edited by Charles Sayle (Dublin : Edinburgh J. Grant)
Vol. 1 (1912)
Vol. 2 (1912) IA 
Vol. 3 (1912) IA 
Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)  en
An exposition of the thirty-nine articles of the Church of England (Dublin : J. Hyde and E. Dobson, 1724)
Burston, Daniel (fl.1662-1666)
Ἐυαγγελιστης ̓ετι ἐυαγγελιζομενος· or, the Evangelist yet evangelizing. Submitted to the judgment and censure of the Churches of England and Ireland (Dublin : John Crook, 1662)
Campion, Edmund, S.J. (1540-1581)  en
Ancient Irish histories : the works of Spencer, Campion, Hanmer, and Marleburrough
[Dublin : ReHibernia Press, 1809IA 
Dublin : Hibernia Press
Vol. 1 (1809) IA 
Vol. 2 (1809) IA 
A historie of Ireland, written in the yeare 1571 (Dublin : reHibernia Press for the proprietors, 1809)
Carpenter, Nathanael (1589-1628)
Achitophel, or, The picture of a wicked politician devided into three parts : a treatise presented heretofore in three sermons to the Vniversitie of Oxford and now published (Dublin : Imthe Company of Stationers, 1627)
Church of England
The Scriptural unity of the Protestant churches exhibited, in their published confessions, ed. David Stuart (Dublin : John Robertson, 1835) / added author(s): Church of Scotland
Clarke, Samuel (1675-1729)  en
One hundres and seventy three sermons on several subject (Dublin : J. Leathley, G. and A. Ewing, W. Smith, and T. Moore, in Drame street; J. Smith, on the Blind-quay, and G. Faulkner, in Essex-street, booksellers)
Vol. 1 (1751)
Vol. 2 (1751) GB 
Vol. 3 (1751) GB 
Vol. 4 (1751) GB 
Vol. 5 (1751) GB 
Dodwell, Henry (1641-1711)  en
Two letters of advice I. For the susception of Holy Orders, II. For studies theological, especially such as are rational : at the end of the former is inserted a catalogue of the Christian writers, and genuine works that are extant of the first three centuries. (Dublin : Benjamin Tooke ..., and are to be sold by Joseph Wilde, 1672)
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