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Dodwell, Henry (1641-1711)  en
Two letters of advice: I. For the susception of holy orders. II. For studies theological, especially such as are rational (Dublin : B. Tooke, 1672)
Two Letters of Advice. I. For the susception of holy orders. II. For studies theological, especially such as are rational. At the end of the former, is inserted, a catalogue of the Christian writers, and genuine works that are extant of the first three centuries. [Signed: H. D., i.e. H. Dodwell.] (Dublin : Benjamin Tooke; sold by Joseph Wilde, 1672)
Downame, George (c.1563-1634)  en
The covenant of grace or An exposition upon Luke 1. 73.74.75. By George Downame Doctour of Divinity, and Bishop of Dery. (Dublin : Society of Stationers to Kings most Excellent Maiestie, 1631)
Everard, John (c.1584-c.1640)
A winding-sheet for the schism of England contriv'd for to inform the ignorant, resolve the wavering, and confirm the well principled Roman Catholick. By J. E. missioner. (Dublin : [s.n.], permissu Superiorum, 1687)
Fletcher, John William (1729-1785)
A collection of letters, on sacred subjects (Dublin: : B. Dugdale, 1784)
Gottschalk of Orbais (c.803-868)
Gotteschalci, et praedestinatianae controversiae ab eo motae, Historia: una cum duplice ejusdem confessione nunc primum in lucem edita (Dublin : ex typographia Societatis Bibliopolarum, 1631) / added author(s): James Ussher
Hale, Matthew (1609-1676)  en
Several tracts written by Sr Matthew Hale, Kt, sometime Lord Chief Justice of England: viz. I. A discourse of religion ... II. A letter to his children, advising them how to behave themselves in their speech. III. A letter to one of his sons, after his recovery from the small-pox (Dublin : William Brien ..., 1753)
Hume, David (1711-1776)
Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects (Dublin : J. Williams)
Vol. 2 (1779)
Vol. 1 (1799) IA 
Vol. 2 (1799) IA 
Jenyns, Soame (1704-1787)
The works of Soame Jenyns : ... including several pieces never before published (Dublin : P. Wogan [etc.])
Vol. 1 (1790)
Vol. 2 (1790) IA 
Jortin, John (1698-1770)
Sermons on different subjects (Dublin : Messrs. Whitestone, Sleater [etc.])
Vol. 1 (1778)
Vol. 2 (1778) IA 
Leslie, Charles (1650-1722)  en
The case stated, between the Church of Rome and the Church of England [microform]. Wherein is shewed, that the doubt and the danger is in the former, and the certainty and safety in the latter communion (Dublin : Thomas Connolly, 1849)
Liguori, Alfonso Maria de (1696-1787)
The history of heresies and their refutation: or, The triumph of the church, 2nd ed., trans. John Thomas Mullock (Dublin : J. Duffy, 1857)
Massillon, Jean Baptiste (1663-1742)
The ecclesiastical conferences, the synodal discourses and episcopal mandates (Dublin : R. Millikan and R. coyne ; London : Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme [et al)
Vol. 1 (1825)
Vol. 2 (1825) IA 
Massillon's sermons for all the Sundays and festivals throughoutthe year (Dublin : J. Duffy, 1851)
Middleton, Conyers (1683-1759)
A Free inquiry into the miraculous powers, which are supposed to have subsisted in the Christian church, from the earliest ages through several successive centuries : by which is shewn, that we have no sufficient reason to believe, upon the authority of the primitive fathers, that any such powers were continued to the church, after the days of the apostles (Dublin : J. Smith, 1749)
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