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Reid, Thomas (1710-1796)  en
Essays on the Inellectual Powers of Man, vol. 3 (Dublin : L. White, 1786)
An inquiry into the human mind [electronic resource], on the principles of common sense. By Thomas Reid, D.D (Dublin : R. Marchbank, for the company of booksellers, 1779)
Roche, John (fl.1751-)
Moravian heresy: Wherein the principal errors of that doctrine, as taught throughout several parts of Europe and America, by Count Zinzendorf, Mr. Cennick, and other Moravian teachers, are fully set forth, proved, and refuted. Also, a short account of the rise and progress of that sect. With a ... (Dublin : author, 1751)
Moravian heresy. Wherein the principal errors of that doctrine are fully set forth, proved, and refuted (Dublin, ca. 1751) [Date incorrect, possibly 1741 or 1751]
Ryan, Edward (-1818)
The history of the effects of religion on mankind (Dublin : Bates, 1802)
Savonarola, Girolamo, O.P. (1452-1498)
The triumph of the cross (London : Sands ; Dublin : M. H. Gill, 1901)
Sergeant, John (1622-1707)  en
An historical romance of the wars between the mighty giant Gallieno, and the great knight Nasonius, and his associates (Dublin, 1694)
Shower, John (bap.1657-1715)  en
Serious reflections on time and eternity, 7th ed. (Dublin : S. Powell, 1732)
Skelton, Philip (1707-1787)
Truth in a mask .. (Dublin, London : ReM. Cooper ..., 1744)
A vindication of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Winchester against the malicious aspersions of those who uncharitably ascribe the book intituled A plain account of the nature and end of the sacrament of the Lord's supper to his Lordship (Dublin printed ; London : ReT. Cooper at the Globe in Pater-noster-Row, 1736)
Stackhouse, Thomas (1677-1752)
A new history of the Holy Bible, from the beginning of the world, to the establishment of Christianity, with answers to most of the controverted questions, dissertations upon the most remarkable passages, and a connection of profane history all along .. (Dublin : E. and J. Exshaw at the Bible on Cork-Hill)
Vol. 1 (1748)
Vol. 2 (1748) IA 
Vol. 3 (1748) IA 
Vol. 4 (1748) IA 
Stock, Joseph (1740-1813)
An account of the life of George Berkeley: D.D. late Bishop of Cloyne in Ireland. With notes, containing strictures on his works, 2nd ed. (Dublin : William Hallhead, 1777)
Towgood, Micaiah (1700-1792)
A Dissent from the Church of England, fully justified : and proved to be the genuine and just consequence of the allegiance which is due to Jesus Christ, the only lawgiver in the Church : being the Dissenting Gentlemen's letters, &c. in answer to the letters of the Rev. Mr. White on that subject (Dublin : S. Powell and Son, 1766)
Ussher, James (1581-1656)  en
An ansvver to a challenge made by a Iesuite in Ireland. Wherein the iudgement of antiquity in the points questioned is truely delivered, and the noveltie of the now romish doctrine plainly discovered. By Iames Vssher Bishop of Meath. (Dublin : Societie of Stationers [and Eliot's Court Press, London], 1624)
Antiquitates (et Primordia) Britannicarum Ecclesiarum (Dublinum, 1639)
History of the town of Medford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from its first settlement in 1630 to 1855 (Dublin : Boston, Rand, Avery, 1886)
Veterum epistolarum Hibernicarum sylloge (Dublinium : Soc. Bibiopol., 1632)
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